"Zero Hour! The Konoha Crush Begins!" (『木ノ葉崩し』始動!, "Konoha Kuzushi" Shidō!) is episode 68 of the original Naruto anime.


With the invasion's start, Orochimaru takes the Third Hokage hostage as the Sound Four create a barrier to allow them to fight without interruption. One of the Anbu chasing after them touches the barrier and dies. Meanwhile, Sunagakure shinobi summon the snake and it breaks through the wall. Then invading Otogakure and Suna ninja infiltrate Konoha, and battles begin breaking out across the village. Kankurō and Temari carry Gaara from the village so that he can recover. Sasuke pursues them, eager to finish their battle. Preoccupied with fending off the invading forces, Kakashi instructs Sakura, who had managed to repel the sleeping-inducing genjutsu, to wake Naruto and Shikamaru. He tells her that they are getting a mission after a long time, and that it will be an A-ranked mission.