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[[File:Nibiandyugito.JPG|thumb|Yugito and Matatabi.]]
#REDIRECT [[Jinchūriki Forms]]
[[Yugito Nii]] is the [[jinchūriki]] of [[Matatabi]] — the Two-Tails. Since her childhood, she was placed into a detestable training regime that at the end, allowed her to have great [[Tailed Beast Control|control]] of her [[tailed beast]].<ref>Third Databook, page 127</ref> Also, as shown in one of the ''Naruto: Shippūden'' filler episodes, when [[Nekobaa]] asked Yugito for the Two-Tails' paw print, she was able to transform and provide the paw print. However, she might not have full control, as she was not one of the four people mentioned by [[Danzō Shimura]] to do so.<ref>''Naruto'' chapter 458, page 3</ref> She can induce the transformation herself. Her abilities were briefly seen during her battle with [[Akatsuki]] members [[Hidan]] and [[Kakuzu]]. During the events of the [[Fourth Shinobi World War]], Yugito was [[Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation|reincarnated]] and made into a jinchūriki once again. The [[Eight-Tails]], however, remarked that her tailed beast felt "''different''".<ref>''Naruto'' chapter 565, page 1</ref>
== Version 2 ==
[[File:Claw cat.png|thumb|left|Yugito in her "Version 2" state.]]
Whilst reincarnated, Yugito displayed the ability to enter a "Version 2" form, by moulding the Two-Tails' chakra into a human-like shape around herself. When entering into this form, the sudden increase in chakra was such that it instantly vaporised [[Killer B]]'s [[ink clone]], which had [[Sealing Technique: Octopus Hold|immobilised]] her at the time.<ref>''Naruto'' chapter 566, pages 10-11</ref>
In addition to forming a dark chakra cloak around her entire body, she also gained a more feline-like appearance, due to the presence of claws on her hands and the Two-Tails' ears atop of her head. With the power granted by this form, Yugito not only manifests both of her beast's tails, but even a simple [[Cat Claw|swipe]] from her [[Claw Creation Technique|enlarged claws]] possesses enough strength to knock an opponent off their feet.<ref>''Naruto'' chapter 566, page 13</ref>
== Partial Transformation ==
[[File:YugitooPartial.png|thumb|Yugito Nii in her partial form.]]
After her reincarnation, she was able to form one of the beast's tails without the use of a chakra cloak.<ref>''Naruto'' chapter 564, pages 16-17</ref>
== Full Two-Tails Form ==
[[File:Nibi-no-Nekomata.jpg|thumb|left|Yugito's full Two-Tails form.]]
While transformed, Yugito is completely covered by the [[chakra]] of her tailed beast. In this form, her chakra takes the form of a blue flamed two-tailed cat with no pupils in her eyes. With chakra emanating from her, she will hunch over and the Two-Tails itself will materialise. Though small compared to tailed beast forms of other jinchūriki, the Two-Tails still proves a threat. In this form, Yugito is able to emit [[Two-Tails Fire Ball|fiery spectral blasts]] from the monster cat's mouth. These blasts are very destructive and when coupled with the Two-Tails' strength, the surrounding area can be reduced to rubble.
During the confrontation to capture [[Naruto Uzumaki]] and Killer B, [[Tobi]] forcefully transformed the revived Yugito into her full Two-Tails form. However, in this instance, the Two-Tails' size was more comparable with that of the other tailed beasts.<ref>''Naruto'' chapter 570, pages 8-9</ref> While in this form, like most other jinchūriki who can transform into their tailed beasts, Yugito is also able to use the [[Tailed Beast Ball]].<ref>''Naruto'' chapter 571, pages 2-3</ref>
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== References ==
[[es:Transformaciones de Yugito Nii]]
[[Category:Tailed beasts|Nii, Yugito's Jinchuriki Forms]]

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