You Guys are the Main!!

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"You Guys are the Main!!"
(君らがメインだ!!, Kimi-ra ga Mein da!!)
Chapter Info
Previous "Finally"
Chapter Naruto #641
Next "Breakthrough"
Arc Ten-Tails Revival Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #379
None in this Chapter
Flying Thunder God Mutually Instantaneous Revolving Technique
None in this Chapter
"You Guys are the Main!!" (君らがメインだ!!, Kimi-ra ga Mein da!!) is chapter 641 of the original Naruto manga.


With time running out on them as the threat grew even greater, Minato decides that he would have to teleport away from them with the ominous ball. Before any of them can react, however, a regenerated Tobirama arrives to their aid and grabs the orb, teleports to Obito — whom he had managed to mark during their previous confrontation. As the orb expands some distance away from the shinobi, the real Tobirama arrives noting that it was a shadow clone that was just destroyed. Elsewhere on the battlefield, the Allied Shinobi Forces watch on as the two titans Madara and Hashirama clash, awestruck at the level at which their predecessors fought. Shikamaru uses the opportunity to tell everyone — via Ino — that they were not to lose focus for a second because no matter how little power they had in comparison, even the smallest opening could be exploited. Meanwhile, Obito emerges from the rubble unscathed having used the mysterious substance to protect himself, leading Minato and Tobirama to readjust their strategy. As they do this, however, Sasuke rushes forth despite the Fourth's protests that he would create the opening and uses Amaterasu, which Obito deflects. Not one to be outdone, Naruto follows suit, correcting Sasuke and noting that they would be the ones to create the opening for the Second and Fourth to attack. While surprised, Tobirama nonetheless calls Minato to action, and both men mark each other with their respective Flying Thunder God seals intent on using the Mutually Instantaneous Revolving Technique. With the preparations made, Sasuke and Naruto rush forth with another Kagutsuchi-infused Rasenshuriken while simultaneously, Tobirama appears behind Obito. Preparing to launch their attack, Minato teleports before them and is struck with the technique. Employing their own tactic, Minato and Obito switch places causing Obito to be hit by Naruto and Sasuke's attack. Tobirama reinforces the fall of Obito while Minato is left with the dark orbs that surrounded Obito before the switch took place. Tobirama urges Minato to finish the attack instead of making up silly names for each jutsu. Some ways away, Sakura sees the black flames and asks Hinata how her team-mates were doing as the latter notes that both young men were smiling.


  • In this chapter, there are a few errors:
    • Before Minato is hit by Naruto's and Sasuke's combination attack to complete the space-time ninjutsu technique. His right arm is shown to be regenerated in that panel but still missing in subsequent ones.
    • In the last panel, Sakura is mistakenly depicted wearing a Konohagakure's forehead protector instead of the Allied Shinobi Forces'.
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ArcTen-Tails Revival Arc +
Chapter number641 +
English nameYou Guys are the Main!! +
Kanji name君らがメインだ!! +
MaintenanceMissing image +
MangaNaruto +
NamesYou Guys are the Main!! +, 君らがメインだ!! + and Kimi-ra ga Mein da!! +
Romaji nameKimi-ra ga Mein da!! +
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