Yotsuki Clan

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Yotsuki Clan
Yotsuki Symbol
(夜月一族, Yotsuki Ichizoku)
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The Yotsuki clan (夜月一族, Yotsuki Ichizoku) is a clan from Kumogakure. In Taka's attempt to capture Killer B, they confront a member of the clan. When he proved unwilling to sell out his allies, Sasuke used genjutsu to make him reveal Killer B's location and identifying features. According to the member, the Yotsuki will never sell out their comrades.


  • "Yotsuki" means "night moon".
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Appears inAnime +, Manga + and Game +
English nameYotsuki clan +
Kanji name夜月一族 +
LoyaltyKumogakure +
NameYotsuki Clan +
NamesYotsuki clan +, 夜月一族 +, Yotsuki Ichizoku + and Yotsuki Clan +
PictureYotsuki Symbol +
Romaji nameYotsuki Ichizoku +

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