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ヨタカ Yotaka
Anime Naruto Episode #179
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Yotaka (ヨタカ, Yotaka) is a shinobi from Hoshigakure. He and his partner Shisō worked under Akahoshi.


Hoshikage dead

Akahoshi and his two followers murder the Third Hoshikage.

After the Third Hoshikage cancelled the star training because its risk was far too great, Yotaka and his partner Shisō led by Akahoshi, came to request the Third to resume the training. After the Hoshikage refused, he along with his partner assisted Akahoshi in assassinating the Third. Though questioning if it was going to far, they were silenced by Akahoshi. After this event, they claimed that the Third suddenly grew ill and died while Akahoshi became the self-proclaimed Fourth Hoshikage.


Yotaka is a bald man with thick black eyebrows and dark-coloured eyes. He wears a purple forehead protector on his forehead and a purple-blue flak jacket. he wears a black T-shirt under his flak jacket and short black arm sleeves on his lower arms. he also wears a pair of black pants with two knee guards.


He is able to use the Mysterious Peacock Method and could support Akahoshi's techniques by offering him his chakra reserves. He also managed to kill the third Hoshikage alongside Shisō, although this most likely happened because they caught him off guard. He could also quickly recognise that he is stalked by someone.

Part I

Hoshigakure Arc

He and Shisō both assisted Akahoshi the assassination of the Third Hoshikage. When the Leaf ninja were summoned to Hoshigakure to protect the meteor, Rock Lee and Tenten were suspicious of them and did a stakeout until being discovered. After Akahoshi kidnapped Sumaru, he sent Shisō and Yotaka to fetch the Konoha ninja to help Akahoshi fight Natsuhi.

He, Akahoshi, and Shisō later found where the meteor is hidden and ran afoul of Naruto and Natsuhi. Akahoshi absorbed the chakra of Shisō and Yotaka. Shisō and Yotaka recovered after Akahoshi recovered the star. Shisō and Yotaka tried to get Akahoshi to give up, but Akahoshi ignored them. When Akahoshi fused with the star, Shisō and Yotaka were among those hit by Akahoshi's out of control chakra. After Akahoshi was defeated, Tsunade mentioned that he, Akahoshi, and Shisō will be subjected to harsh punishment.


  • In Naruto: Shippūden the Movie, at the start of the film as they are burying Naruto, a Konoha ninja bearing a great resemblance to Yotaka can be seen behind Lee and Neji.
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