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Secret Healing
Kanji 陰癒傷滅
Rōmaji In'yu Shōmetsu
English anime Pre-Healing Jutsu
English games Cellular Activation
Manga Volume #19, Naruto Chapter #168
Anime Naruto Episode #95
Game Naruto: The Broken Bond
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
Classification Ninjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu
Rank A-rank
Class Supplementary
Other jutsu
Related jutsu
Cell Activation Technique

This technique is a medical ninjutsu where one anticipates the spot the enemy will attack and pre-emptively applies medical treatment to it, reducing damage to a minimum. The user concentrates chakra to that area and begins the cell recreation process even before the targeted area becomes damaged.

Kabuto claims that this technique is the reason that Orochimaru values him so highly, able to use it to test on subjects for a longer period that is normally feasible.


  • In the anime, after Tsunade returned to Konohagakure and gave her prognosis on Rock Lee's condition — thinking back to how she saw Kabuto withstand Naruto's Rasengan, Tsunade used the theory behind Kabuto's technique as the basis to improve Lee's chances of survival from 50% to 58%, thus carrying out the life-threatening operation.[2]

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