Yellow Moon

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Yellow Moon, performed by 明星 (Akeboshi), is the thirteenth ending song in the Japanese version of Part I of the Naruto series.



Kinou wa koorusain (call sign) zenbu keitai de
Norenai fuzz guitar (first guitar) hen na kouen de
Yellow moon, ima mo, mittsu kazoete me o akete
Shadow moon, mada yume o mite'ru
Yume o mite
Yume o mite
Se o mukeainagara
Yume o mite, itsu aeru?
Every day, every night omoi tsuku kotoba de
Chirakatta mama no kimochi o ima sugu
Mahou no chord change nemurenai machi
Higawari na jazz guitar (just guitar) sotto mainaa (minor) de


Yesterday's call sign, was all from my cellphone
In a strange park, I play the Fuzz guitar without enthusiasm.
Yellow moon. Even now, counting to three, I open my eyes.
Shadow moon, I am still dreaming.
Look at my eyes.
Look at my eyes.
As we face one another's back
Look at my eyes, when can we meet?
Everyday, every night with every word I can think of.
Right away, my messy feelings as is,
A magical chord change, in a restless city.
A daily JAZZ Guitar played in a soft minor key.


  • This was the second ending made by Akeboshi. The first being Wind.
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