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Yellow Moon, performed by Akeboshi (明星, Akeboshi), is the thirteenth ending in the Japanese version of Part I of the Naruto series. It ran from episode 179 to 191. It was replaced by Pinocchio.



Kinou wa koorusain zenbu keitai de
Norenai fuzz guitar hen na kouen de
Yellow moon, ima mo, mittsu kazoete me o akete
Shadow moon, mada yume o mite'ru
Yume o mite
Yume o mite
Se o mukeainagara
Yume o mite, itsu aeru?
Every day, every night omoi tsuku kotoba de
Chirakatta mama no kimochi o ima sugu
Mahou no chord change nemurenai machi
Higawari na jazz guitar sotto mainaa de


Yesterday's call sign, was all from my cellphone
In a strange park, I play the Fuzz guitar without enthusiasm.
Yellow moon, even now, counting to three, I open my eyes.
Shadow moon, I am still dreaming.
Look at my eyes.
Look at my eyes.
As we face one another's back
Look at my eyes, when can we meet?
Everyday, every night with every word I can think of.
Right away, my messy feelings as is,
A magical chord change, in a restless city.
A daily JAZZ Guitar played in a soft minor key.


The characters in order of appearance:


  • This was the second ending made by Akeboshi. The first being Wind.
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