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editYashiro Uchiha Browse icon [1]
Yashiro Uchiha
うちはヤシロ Uchiha Yashiro
Manga Volume #25, Naruto Chapter #221
Anime Naruto Episode #129
Novel Itachi Shinden: Book of Bright Light
Game Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
OVA The Two Uchiha
Appears in Anime, Manga, Novel, Game
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Part I: 45
Status Deceased
Kekkei Genkai

Yashiro Uchiha (うちはヤシロ, Uchiha Yashiro) was a member of the Uchiha clan and the Konoha Military Police Force.


Yashiro, alongside Tekka and Inabi, went to question Itachi about his absence from the clan meeting that was kept the night before. He then told Itachi that they had no intention of treating him any different because he was an Anbu and his father, Fugaku had stated that he would watch over him. As Yashiro questioned Itachi about Shisui Uchiha's death, presenting Itachi with Shisui's alleged suicide note telling him that they had analysed and confirmed the handwriting to be his, he stated that he hoped that more evidence would turn up. As Itachi accosted them for their words, Yashiro cautioned Itachi that he would not go unpunished if he betrayed the clan, before being violently attacked by Itachi. As Yashiro questioned Itachi about how he had changed since becoming an Anbu, Fugaku appeared and accosted Itachi for his actions. Fed up, the three men asked Fugaku to issue the order to arrest Itachi, but after Itachi apologised, Fugaku claimed that Itachi was simply worn out from his duties and the men left.[2]

Yashiro was later killed during the Uchiha Clan Downfall.


Like Inabi, Yashiro seemed to be very straightforward and was overconfident in his abilities as a member of the famed Uchiha Clan.


Yashiro had ash-grey hair and squinted eyes which he only opened when he activated his Sharingan. He wore the standard Uchiha clan outfit which consisted of a short sleeved, high-collared purple shirt that bore the Uchiha crest on the back along with a pair of brown pants. He also wore a pair of black arm guards, bandages around his legs and and a light-coloured obi with a dark line running through it. While on duty, he wore the standard Konoha shinoibi outfit with the symbol of the police force on its shoulder.



Yashiro with his Sharingan activated.

Yashiro possessed keen analytical skills and good leadership abilities. Even the leader of the Konoha Military Police Force, Fugaku Uchiha, praised his skills.[1] As an Uchiha, Yashiro was one of the members that was able to awaken his clan's kekkei genkai: the Sharingan,[3] which granted him basic abilities such as seeing the flow of chakra, the ability to easily recognise genjutsu and different forms of chakra, some predictive capabilities as well as the ability to copy techniques that the user sees amongst other things.

In Other Media


Itachi Shinden: Book of Bright Light

Main article: Itachi Shinden: Book of Bright Light Yashiro makes an appearance in this novel.


  • The name Yashiro means "shrine" ().


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