Yagura's Jinchūriki Forms

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Yagura was the last jinchūriki of Isobu — the Three-Tails. Not much is known about him or his tailed beast, but Yagura was one of the few people mentioned by Danzō Shimura to have full control over their respective beast.[1] However, when Akatsuki went after the beast, it was found in the wild for undisclosed reasons. During the events of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Yagura was reincarnated and made into a jinchūriki once again, yet the Eight-Tails remarked that his tailed beast felt different.[2]

Version 2

File:Yagura Version 2.jpg

Whilst reincarnated, Yagura displayed the ability to enter a "Version 2" form, by moulding the Three-Tails' chakra into a human-like shape around himself. When entering into this form, the sudden increase in chakra was such that it instantly vaporised Killer B's ink clone, which had immobilised him at the time.[3]

In addition to forming a dark chakra cloak around his entire body, he also gained the characteristic carapace of the Three-Tails on his back, as well as numerous protrusions on his face. With the power granted by this form, Yagura not only manifested all of his beast's three tails, but also became able to create coral on direct contact with an object, which continues to grow and eventually restricts the target's movement.[4]

Partial Transformation

File:Yagura Partial Transformation.jpg

After being reincarnated, Yagura demonstrated the ability to manifest one of the beast's tails.[5]

Full Three-Tails Form


During the confrontation to capture Naruto Uzumaki and Killer B, Tobi forcefully transformed the revived Yagura into his full Three-Tails form.[6] In this form, he takes on the appearance of Three-Tails itself, allowing him to manipulate the full extent of the beast's considerable powers, including its ability to move with both tremendous speed and force by simply curling itself up into a ball.[7] Like most other jinchūriki who can transform into their tailed beasts, Yagura is also able to use the Tailed Beast Ball.[8]

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