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editYūkimaru's Mother browse_icon.png
Yūkimaru's mother
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #96
Appears in Anime only
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Female Female
Status Deceased

She was Yūkimaru's mother.


Yūkimaru lived with his mother in a village that was attacked by Orochimaru during his childhood. Guren was one of the ninja raiding the village, killing everyone she came across. When she collapsed, it was Yūkimaru's mother who tended her. When Guren woke up, she said she would close her eyes and let her escape as an act of gratefulness towards the kind woman. However, Guren still had to follow Orochimaru's orders, and when they met again Guren had to kill her to keep her master's approval. When Yūkimaru's mother fell, her blood fell out of her body and onto the camellias nearby. Their pure white colour was changed to red as the blood was absorbed by the camellia.


She seemed to be a kind woman, treating to Guren's wounds even though she was the one who attacked the village where she lived. Yūkimaru described her as a loving and caring mother.


She had caramel coloured eyes and long soft brown hair. She wore a red blouse over a purple one with a green kimono. She also wore sandals.

Part II

Three-Tails Arc

Years later, Guren sees a vision of Yūkimaru's mother created by the Three-Tails' mist. She told Yūkimaru's mother that she was sorry and felt regret for killing her. Guren also promised she would protect her son, Yūkimaru, forever with her life.


  • Yūkimaru's mother, like her son, is able to play the leaf flute. The song she plays is a song from the Naruto Soundtrack called "Guren".

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Appears inAnime +
Debut anime316 +
GenderFemale +
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NameYūkimaru's Mother +
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SpeciesHuman +
StatusDeceased +
Voice ActorsNoriko Suzuki + and Laura Bailey (voice actress) +

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