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|jutsu range=Short, Mid
|jutsu range=Short, Mid
|hand signs=Snake
|debut manga=494
|debut manga=494
|debut anime=244
|debut anime=244

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Wood Release: Smothering Binding Technique
Smothering Binding Technique
Kanji 木遁・黙殺縛りの術
Rōmaji Mokuton: Mokusatsu Shibari no Jutsu
Viz print media Wood Style: Silent Strangle Jutsu
Manga Volume #52, Chapter #494
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #244
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Nature Icon Wood Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu
Class Offensive, Supplementary
Range Short to Mid range
Hand seals Snake

This technique is similar to the Wood Release: Great Forest Technique, as it also transforms the user's arm into several wood tendrils which can be used to capture and restrain an enemy. It can be made large enough to capture a giant squid.

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