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(seal of confrontation es no real jutsu seal)
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|jutsu range=Short, Mid, Long
|jutsu range=Short, Mid, Long
|hand signs=Half Ram
|debut anime=316
|debut shippuden=Yes
|debut shippuden=Yes
|jutsu media=Anime
|jutsu media=Anime

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Winding Smoke Technique
  • Smoke emerges from the tag…
  • …covering the battlefield.
Kanji 巻き煙の術
Rōmaji Maki Kemuri no Jutsu
Literal English Winding Smoke Technqiue
English anime Swirling Smoke Jutsu
Appears in Anime
Classification Ninjutsu
Class Supplementary
Range All ranges

After revealing a special tag, the user executes a hand seal, releasing a green sort of smoke to disable the sight of all enemies involved in it. This gives the user the opportunity to escape or attack their opponents, depending on their will.

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