editWind Release: Sand Buckshot Camera font awesome[1]
  • Shukaku expels a giant gust of wind towards Gaara's sand particles…
  • …to increase their penetrative force…
  • …and subsequently paralyse the victim by using the particles that have entered in the latter's bloodstream.
Kanji 風遁・砂散弾
Rōmaji Fūton: Sasandan
English anime Wind Style: Sand Bomb Salvo
Manga Volume #69, Naruto Chapter #658
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #392
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Ninjutsu, Cooperation Ninjutsu
Class Offensive, Supplementary
Range All ranges
Hand seals Ram
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

After Gaara scatters and compresses numerous sand particles into bullet-like projectiles, Shukaku expels a giant gust of wind from its stomach, with the impact of a bomb to increase the force of the bullets, creating a large-scale sandstorm. This attack is powerful enough to pierce through flesh with ease, and is difficult to dodge, due to the technique's speed and range.

An additional benefit of this attack is that it pushes the target away from the user and Gaara can then use any of the sand left in his target's bloodstream to immobilise or manipulate them, leaving them vulnerable to follow up attacks.


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