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Please note that this is the Narutopedia's article on wind ninjutsu. If you are looking for the article on an episode of Naruto Shippūden then you should head to Wind. For other uses, see Wind (disambiguation).

Temari using a Wind Release technique.

Wind Release (風遁, Fūton, English TV: Wind Style) is one of the five basic elemental nature transformations. It is performed by making chakra as sharp and thin as possible. Wind Release is mainly short to mid-ranged offensive techniques that combine brute force and keen precision to deal cutting and slashing damage. A rarity among the five chakra natures,[1] wind techniques are usually performed by generating air circulation and can be enhanced through this method as well.[2] Wind-natured chakra can also be channelled into blades to increase their cutting power and overall range. The wind affinity is seemingly more common amongst shinobi of Sunagakure.

Relationship with other Natures

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