"What's the Difference? Don't All Insects Look Alike?" (どこが違うのさ!? 虫って同じに見えないか, Doko ga Chigau no Sa!? Mushitte Onaji Mienaika) is episode 149 of the original Naruto anime.


The original members of Team 8 realise that they are being followed by hostile bug-users, but decide not to engage them or tell Naruto about the enemy's presence, for fear of endangering the bikōchū. Hinata begins to worry that she is hindering her group, but eventually manages to locate the bikōchū with her Byakugan, allowing Naruto to capture it. Before Team 8 can leave the forest, however, Hinata is attacked and abducted by the bug users, who demand the bikōchū in return for her safety.


  • There is an animation error when the scene changes to night-time. The moon is not shown as completely round and has a small part jutting out from the bottom of it.