Water Release: Hiding in Drizzle Technique

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Water Release: Hiding in Drizzle Technique
  • The user summons mist…
  • …to use it as a cover.
Kanji 水遁・霧雨隠れの術
Rōmaji Suiton: Kirisamegakure no Jutsu
English anime Water Style: Hidden Drizzle Jutsu
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #404
Appears in Anime
Classification Ninjutsu
Class Supplementary
Hand seals Seal of Confrontation
Other jutsu
Related jutsu
Hiding in Mist Technique

The user generates drizzle to hide themselves and/or their comrades in it. However, the technique is useless in areas with little moisture, as it prevents it from taking effect.

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