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Wasabi Family
Wasabi Symbol
(ワサビ一家, Wasabi Ikka)
Appears in Anime only
Known Members

The Wasabi family (ワサビ一家, Wasabi Ikka) is the Wagarashi family's greatest enemy and rival. For many years the two clans have been fighting for ownership of the Degarashi Port. Jirōchō Wasabi is the founder and head of the clan. He never had a trusted person in his life until the day he met Idate Morino. Idate and Jirōchō have made the Wasabi family strong and he gave them hope. The Wasabi family was able to win the Todoroki Shrine Race, which is held every four years, and won control of the Degarashi Port. Along with the victory, the Wasabi family will take over as the supreme clan of the Land of Tea, while the Wagarashi is broken up for cheating by making a deal with Aoi Rokushō to assassinate Idate.


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Appears inAnime +
Clan Media OnlyAnime +
English nameWasabi Family +
Kanji nameワサビ一家 +
LoyaltyLand of Tea +
NameWasabi Family +
NamesWasabi Family +, ワサビ一家 + and Wasabi Ikka +
PictureWasabi Symbol +
Romaji nameWasabi Ikka +

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