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Soap Bubble Ninjutsu
(風来坊, Fūraibō)
Episode data
Previous "The Eight-Tails vs. Sasuke"
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #144 (Watch Online)
Next "Successor of the Forbidden Jutsu"
Arc Six-Tails Unleashed
Japanese January 21, 2010
English July 9, 2012
"Wanderer" (風来坊, Fūraibō) is episode 144 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


On a cliff, a young lady named Hotaru sits on the edge overlooking the mountain when she is approached by a young man named Utakata. Hotaru's servant, Tonbee, tells them that there are enemies out there triggering their traps and are most likely invading Mount Katsuragi in order to get their heads on Hotaru's grandfather's forbidden technique. Tonbee decides to protect the fort as Utakata and Hotaru escape. Tonbee, however, manages to send word out to Konohagakure for help.

In her office, Tsunade is given the request by Shizune, and the former explains that long ago, En no Gyōja, the leader of the Tsuchigumo Clan, had developed a technique that was capable of destroying an entire village. The Third Hokage had then requested that En no Gyōja classify it as a kinjutsu; in return, Konoha would provide them with assistance whenever they would need it. In order to protect Naruto from the Akatsuki, Tsunade decides to send Naruto amongst the squad that is to be dispatched to Mount Katsuragi.

After having failed to complete the Itachi Pursuit Mission, the Eight Man Squad make their way back home when they are stopped by Katsuyu, the personal summon of Tsunade herself. Katsuyu relays the situation at Mount Katsuragi to Kakashi, who decides to send Team 7, under Yamato's command, to deal with the crisis. Meanwhile, the four bandits manage to shatter the barrier and infiltrate the fort, only to find Tonbee and no forbidden scroll. They attack the old man, who does not divulge any information. Of one of the bandits, Akaboshi, manages to deduce that En no Gyōja's granddaughter must possess the scroll with the kinjutsu and decides that they should leave, as he senses Team 7's impending arrival.

As they get there, Sai finds the hidden path that Hotaru and Utakata had used to escape. Yamato orders Sakura to stay with Tonbee and heal him while the other three follow the hidden path. On the path, Hotaru asks Utakata to teach her more techniques, with Utakata stating that he has taught her nothing. She asks whether he remembers the first time he met and he had saved her life, using his Soap Bubble Ninjutsu to kill enemy shinobi who were after her. Utakata reveals that they were after him, as he is a wanted man, and that he was only saving himself; his only reason for coming with her to their fort was to throw off his trail. Hotaru does not care, and cries for her "master" to train her. Angered at being called master, Utakata lashes out, only for Naruto to interfere. Using his shadow clones, Naruto attempts to defeat Utakata, who uses his Drowning Bubble Technique to take out the shadow clones. However, Hotaru tells Naruto that Utakata is her protector, not her enemy.

As Yamato and Sai catch up, Naruto apologises for attacking him. Utakata, however, tells him that he is leaving Hotaru under Team 7's care and begins to walk away. Hotaru runs up to her, pleading for him to stay, but he merely creates a bubble and drifts away.


Role Seiyū
English Japanese Rōmaji English Japanese Rōmaji
Naruto Uzumaki うずまきナルト Uzumaki Naruto Junko Takeuchi 竹内順子 Takeuchi Junko
Sakura Haruno 春野サクラ Haruno Sakura Chie Nakamura 中村千絵 Nakamura Chie
Sai サイ Sai Satoshi Hino 日野聡 Hino Satoshi
Yamato ヤマト Yamato Rikiya Koyama 小山力也 Koyama Rikiya
Kakashi Hatake はたけカカシ Hatake Kakashi Kazuhiko Inoue 井上和彦 Inoue Kazuhiko
Fifth Hokage: Tsunade 五代目火影・綱手 Godaime Hokage: Tsunade Masako Katsuki 勝生真沙子 Katsuki Masako
Shizune シズネ Shizune Keiko Nemoto 根本圭子 Nemoto Keiko
Katsuyu カツユ Katsuyu Mamiko Noto 能登麻美子 Noto Mamiko
Kiba Inuzuka 犬塚キバ Inuzuka Kiba Kōsuke Toriumi 鳥海浩輔 Toriumi Kōsuke
Hinata Hyūga 日向ヒナタ Hyūga Hinata Nana Mizuki 水樹奈々 Mizuki Nana
Shino Aburame 油女シノ Aburame Shino Shinji Kawada 川田紳司 Kawada Shinji
Utakata ウタカタ Utakata Ken'ichi Suzumura 鈴村健一 Suzumura Ken'ichi
Hotaru ホタル Hotaru Megumi Toyoguchi 豊口めぐみ Toyoguchi Megumi
Tonbee 遁兵衛 Tonbee Shōzō Sasaki 佐々木省三 Sasaki Shōzō
Akaboshi アカボシ Akaboshi Akimitsu Takase 高瀬右光 Takase Akimitsu
Chūshin チュウシン Chūshin Yōhei Tadano 多田野曜平 Tadano Yōhei
Nangō ナンゴウ Nangō Nobuaki Kanemitsu 金光宣明 Kanemitsu Nobuaki
Benten ベンテン Benten Chikara Ōsaka 逢坂力 Ōsaka Chikara

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