Wagarashi Family

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Wagarashi Family
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(ワガラシ一家, Wagarashi ikka)
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The Wagarashi family (ワガラシ一家, Wagarashi ikka) was the Wasabi family's greatest enemy and rival.


For many years, the two clans have been fighting for ownership of the Degarashi Port. It is led by its founder, Kyūroku Wagarashi. He is a sneaky and cheating old man, who wanted to win the Todoroki Shrine Race so badly that he made hired Aoi Rokushō and Team Oboro from Amegakure to make sure that Idate Morino doesn't make it to the finish line and to make sure Fukusuke Hikyakuya wins. He even complains about the Wasabi family cheating by using a photograph of Naruto carrying Idate and insisting that Fukusuke should be declared the winner by default. But to his surprise, the Tea Daimyō also caught him red-handed in cahoots with his minister (who had been accepting bribes on their behalf) and the Wagarashi family was forced to break up not only because of what they did during the race, but for other evil deeds to Degarashi Port.


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