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Wagarashi Family
Kyūroku Wagarashi
(ワガラシ一家, Wagarashi Ikka)
Appears in Anime, Game
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The Wagarashi Family (ワガラシ一家, Wagarashi Ikka) is a clan in the Land of Tea. They are one of two clans who wants ownership over the Degarashi Port.

Overview Edit

For many years, The Wagarashi family have had a rivalry with the Wasabi Family, in which they have fought for the ownership of the Degarashi Port. It is led by its founder, Kyūroku Wagarashi. The two families held a race called, Todoroki Shrine Race, to determine the ownership of the port. Another member of this clan is Fukusuke Hikyakuya, a runner who participated in the race on the clans behalf. Kyūroku had a long time deal with the Daimyō's minister, bribing him on their behalf. This was ultimately ended when the Tea Daimyō found out about it, where he dismissed his minister and made the the Wagarashi family break up.

Trivia Edit

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