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|english airdate=November 7, 2009
|english airdate=November 7, 2009
{{translation|'''Vanished Memories'''|失われた記憶|Ushinawareta Kioku}} is episode 213 of the original ''Naruto'' anime.
{{translation|'''Vanished Memories'''|失われた記憶|Ushinawareta Kioku}} is episode 213 of the original ''[[Naruto (series)|Naruto]]'' anime.
== Synopsis ==
== Synopsis ==

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Vanished Memories
(失われた記憶, Ushinawareta Kioku)
Episode data
Previous To Each His Own Path
Episode Naruto #213
Next Bringing Back Reality
Arc Menma Arc
Japanese December 14, 2006
English November 7, 2009
Fuki Menma Shiin
Chakra Enhancing MusicMemory Blocking Technique

Vanished Memories (失われた記憶, Ushinawareta Kioku) is episode 213 of the original Naruto anime.


While on his way to collect bamboo shoots for menma ramen, Naruto finds a man close to a river bank and helps him out. The man is unable to remember even his own name, so Naruto calls him "Menma". As Naruto tries to help him recover his memories, he learns that Menma is extraordinarily good natured and helpful. When a mysterious man attacks the two, Menma uses an ocarina to increase Naruto's abilities, causing Naruto to wonder who he really is.

Facts about Vanished MemoriesRDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Original +
ArcMenma Arc +
English airdate7 November 2009 +
English nameVanished Memories +
Episode number213 +
Japanese airdate14 December 2006 +
Kanji name失われた記憶 +
NameVanished Memories +
NamesVanished Memories +, 失われた記憶 + and Ushinawareta Kioku +
PictureFile:Naruto,menmaIchiraku.png +
Romaji nameUshinawareta Kioku +

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