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{{translation|'''Utakata'''|ウタカタ|Utakata}} may refer to:
{{translation|'''Utakata'''|ウタカタ, 泡沫, うたかた|Utakata}} may refer to:
* '''[[Utakata]]''', [[Saiken]]'s [[jinchūriki]] from [[Kirigakure]].
* '''[[Utakata]]''', a jinchūriki.
* '''[[Ephemeral]]''', a [[genjutsu]] used by [[Itachi Uchiha]].
* '''[[Ephemeral]]''', a genjutsu.
* '''[[Antlion Ninja Arts: Ephemeral]]''', an anime-only [[kinjutsu]] used by [[Kagerō]].
* '''[[Antlion Ninja Arts: Ephemeral]]''', an anime-only kinjutsu used by Kagerō.
* {{translation|'''[[Transient Fireworks]]'''|うたかた花火|Utakata Hanabi}}, the fourteen ending song, performed by [[Wikipedia:Supercell (band)|Supercell]], of ''[[Naruto: Shippūden]]''.
* '''[[Transient Fireworks]]''', the fourteenth ending of ''Naruto: Shippūden''.

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Utakata (ウタカタ, 泡沫, うたかた, Utakata) may refer to:

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