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March 1, 2007

Different thing this time

Normally, I go on a long little speel about how we are so glad that you decied to contrubite to Narutopedia and that we hope you stay in a very sappy kinda tone but I just thought that I might tell you because you are new here that untill we can get this huge mess stratened out that we're going with Belive It. Too add YOUR opinon about it go to or And by the way we REALLY are glad that you decided to contrubite. -The Welcome Team

Looking at the proposed changes at Talk:Main Page would help to. It's not that we're going strictly with Beleive It!, it's that Beleive It was the original text, and in an edit war (What this is), the original form is usualy the one locked in place until discussion has finished. We just need a good way of combining Beleive It, and Dattebayo without disrupting the form of the message. Just be glad that this hasen't resulted in the normal action of temporarily protecting a page, yet. Dantman (Talk) 02:52, 1 March 2007 (UTC)
Actually, it was 'my' fault because I was the one who but down 'Belive It' in the first place. Now, all I want is for this to stop. The only reason I put down 'Belive It' is because I can spell it. I prefere the Japanesse verison. Yah...I'll admitt it. But PLEASE, we're all here because we LIKE Naruto so can we just stop this? I'm stating to wish that I NEVER came up with the idea for a mission statment. It's caused nothing but trouble. 17:32, 1 March 2007 (UTC)LoneWolf 5
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