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Re:List of shinobi who can fly

Yes, you can have it as a subpage. The text was:

The following are the ninjas in the Naruto series who can fly continuously using a jutsu for propulsion (without using a summoned animal) by order of appearance:
=[[Hoshigakure]] shinobi=
They use the [[Mysterious Peacock Method: Wings]] technique to achieve flight.
He flies using his [[sand (tool)|sand]] as a carrier and can also use it to carry other people/objects.
He flies by using his [[explosive clay]] to create large birds.
He uses his [[Super Beast Imitating Drawing]] technique to create large flying birds. He uses this a lot for reconnaissance. 
Her ability to fly is associated with her ability to [[Dance of the Shikigami|transform herself into paper]]. She uses this ability while fighting the fake Madara whose inability to fly almost spells his defeat despite his otherwise [[kamui|superior abilities]].
He can fly by using [[Tendō]] Pain's [[Shinra Tensei]] slowly in order to generate lift. He has been seen using this only once using Yahiko's body.
They can fly using their [[Flight Technique]] and can also enable others to fly by touching them. It may be related to the [[Earth Release: Super Light-Weight Rock Technique]] and the [[Dust Release]].
Being the [[jinchūriki]] of [[Chomei]], she can fly by partially or fully transforming.
~ UltimateSupreme 12:59, July 27, 2013 (UTC)
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