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8 Tails

From what i understand we have a bit of a disagreement on the 8-tails article. You're right that we get a better view of the body, but we still don't get a good view of the tails, or the fact that Naruto is now much larger. The 440 image shows how big he is and sticks to the point of view that is used for the previous images on the right side of the page. I feel that both images should be used. i'm hoping to get your opinion so that we can settle this maturely.--user:nurXang

I understand what you're saying, but the image just seems a bit chaotic to actually show the form. Rocks and stuff are flying everywhere and we get a very close-up side veiw, which not only fails to show the whole form, but doesn't stick to the view that's used on the page so-far. I'm not looking to start a war over this, i just feel that, for the page, it works better. --NurXang 20:04, 19 March 2009 (UTC)


TheUltimate3, so you know I setup information on making talkpage archives at Help:Archiving. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Mar 19, 2009 @ 19:56 (UTC)

Invasion of Pain

Yeah...thanks for helping clean that up. ^^' I made it as soon as I read the manga and yeah...I made it WAY too big...informative but too long.....people could read the exact small details for I have no skill in summarizing.....-Juubi no Ryuu

i think my trivia's fine


Well... it's kind of hard to do what you tell me because what i think it's important, they think is useless... so, jeje, that would be hard. And even if i want to add things to Kiba's page, they also blocked the page :S :( --Kiba91 (talk) 22:21, 3 April 2009 (UTC)


Even though the Four-Tails uses poison not Lava thanks for putting what viz said. Don't worry when more info is revealed in themanga concerning the abillties of the Tail-Beast we can all put this behind. Saimaroimaru (talk) 19:25, 4 April 2009 (UTC)

Meh, sorry I just get irratated easily, it just so many Naruto fans come here for info and ZI don't want them to be miguided. Saimaroimaru (talk) 19:42, 4 April 2009 (UTC)
I see well i'm done with the arguement now, I'll go with what you say for now.Lava it is. Saimaroimaru (talk) 19:46, 4 April 2009 (UTC)

Thanks for commenting on my page man it made my day cause Hakinu deleted what i wrote so thanks alot. PainsHelper

Whe? I had a reason for "deleting" (reverting) it. Anyhow, it'd be nice if you signed using four tildes (~~~~) ~Hakinu (talk | contribs) 20:48, 15 June 2009 (UTC)
Please don't use my talk page for this >.>--TheUltimate3 (talk) 20:51, 15 June 2009 (UTC)
Just to make it look a little more relevant: (cough) Was that input on PainsHelper's talk page an auto-thingy? ~Hakinu (talk | contribs) 21:00, 15 June 2009 (UTC)
Yes it is auto. PainsHelper

Jutsu infoboxes

I have a question about the infoboxes... how can I help out with them? AMTNinja (talk) 20:23, 4 April 2009 (UTC)

ok, so wat shud I do? AMTNinja (talk) 20:26, 4 April 2009 (UTC)


Hello, seing as you're an adminstrator here. Can you please help me, I tried looking for somewhere else to report this user but couldn't. The user SuperN, has been trying to delete my page and others for no reason at all. He say's we don't have any contributions what so ever, while we have quite a few and do contribute and plan to contribute to in the future. Can you please get him to stop? He keeps harassing us with deletion of our pages.


I want to email you a very nice picture me and jacce made. Hope you will like it. If you want me to add images from you then just tell me. Cooltamerboy (talk) 15:40, 12 April 2009 (UTC).

Do i upload it for a while just to show you and you save it and then you delete it after that and see the same image that you save in the biggest size? Cooltamerboy (talk) 17:43, 12 April 2009 (UTC).

why is it you you a putting up that untranslated pic with bad quality.

help for a new user

Hello ultimate, I am a new user here and I know you are some one I can come to for help so I was wondering if you ould give me a few tips on how to maintain the standards for this wiki... I don't want to be banned or blocked or even deleted in any manner so please help when you get the chance Kiss on me ho she got me (talk) 18:44, 20 April 2009 (UTC)


If U wanna check it u'r self, its in Shippūden episode 55 @ around 22:49...AlienGamer | Talk 17:24, 3 May 2009 (UTC)
And i'm not gonna revert the if I am right cud u please switch bak to the previous 1???AlienGamer | Talk 17:25, 3 May 2009 (UTC)

Chakra moulding diagram svgs

It wasn't necessary, which is why I didn't immediately replace the old pictures with my new svgs. I just made those because I was bored and decided to upload them to see if they could be of use here. If they are considered unnecessary and undesirable, then I don't mind if they are deleted again ^^ although I do think my svgs are nicer than those old manga images. --ShounenSuki (talk | contribs) 12:31, 7 May 2009 (UTC)

I've long since learned not to get offended by comments on the Internet, so there's no need to apologise. Good luck on your finals. --ShounenSuki (talk | contribs) 13:31, 7 May 2009 (UTC)

Just Wondering

There r a lot of users who search the internet for spoilers on wat will happen, its been proven this past 2 weeks...Isn't there a new rule that we can put, to say that releasing info before the manga is out, is wrong...just wonderin, cause Bleach Wiki's implimented this...Its just that wen u read the manga, and u see thet u know wats gonna happen, a week's anticipation goes ends in dissapointment..AlienGamer | Talk 05:21, 29 May 2009 (UTC)
Allrite..Thanx...I will..AlienGamer | Talk 05:27, 29 May 2009 (UTC)

editing hosts and their demons

why are you editing the hosts and demons page in such a way that it gets redirected to some where contains all the info in tabular form and also quiete different from the jinchuriki its easy to read info ,links are arranged in a compact way ,what else??--GangesShark (talk) 19:54, 1 June 2009 (UTC)

Re: Question in regard to other english Naruto Wikis

Creating another wiki is counterproductive, even more counterproductive than creating multiple pages on the same topic. What GangesShark was doing was basically linkspam/advertisement, there's no wiki or even forum site that would let a user go around and spam a message to a large number of users signed up to the wiki. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Jun 2, 2009 @ 16:31 (UTC)

Re: Rich Text Editor

See Help:New editor, it's Wikia's attempt at a semi-WYSIWYG editor so newbies don't find it as hard to edit pages. But ya, it doesn't currently play to well with semantic tags. I poked the com team, maybe I'll poke uberfuzzy on irc since it looks like people are actually starting to do edits to jutsu pages. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Jun 15, 2009 @ 21:58 (UTC)

It's been disabled. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Jun 15, 2009 @ 23:14 (UTC)

Can you help me?

I don't understand why people who just created accounts can make bad edits on a protected page. but i can't seem to revert these edits on the nagato page cause it is protected. What do i need to do to be able to edit/revert on protected page? Simant (talk) 20:25, 18 June 2009 (UTC)

Re: Collaboration jutsu

I cannot find any information about "collaboration jutsu" in the manga, databooks, or fanbook. In fact, the term "collaboration jutsu," or something similar, isn't even mentioned in the manga or fanbook. The databooks do use similar terms, but nothing systematic: I've found at least three different terms. It seems this concept doesn't exist as anything official in the manga. --ShounenSuki (talk | contribs) 21:17, 20 June 2009 (UTC)

The article doesn't seem to have a solid idea about what constitutes a "collaboration jutsu." It should at the very least be rewritten extensively to be internally consistent. I take it this concept was explained in the anime, so someone should check where and how it was explained exactly. --ShounenSuki (talk | contribs) 01:33, 21 June 2009 (UTC)

Although collaboration jutsu are used in the manga, they are not named as collaboration jutsu. The term 'collaboration jutsu' or 'synchronized jutsu' was actually first brought up in the 'Three-Tails Arrival' filler arc in the anime, in light of the Typhoon Water Vortex Technique used by Naruto and Captian Yamato. Also in light of the events of the 'Hidan and Kakuzu' arc, Naruto understands that he needs to learn high-level, long range techniques after having been prohiberted from using his new Wind Release: Rasenshuriken technique, Jiraiya introduces Naruto to the concept of collaboration jutsu, a technique that can be implimented with the help of an alley. Jiraiya fills Naruto in on collaboration jutsu, as while Jiraiya will not always be around to help him, Naruto would always be able to summon a Toad to execute a collaboration jutsu along side.

User:Wiserline Mare-Silverus 13:18, 21 June 2009

Hai, Ultimate? (nau! I refuse to use your full username!)

Is that comment by Omnibender supposed to be in your user page, and not in the talk page? ~Hakinu (talk | contribs) 22:18, 24 June 2009 (UTC)

hey im just wandering if there really is gonna be another naruto coming out i herd other wise can you help me--Sagesweet24 (talk) 22:58, 1 July 2009 (UTC)

Re: Episodes

If you mean the individual articles, then no, not even I am willing to track those down. I'm copying the summaries created immediately after the merges, before they were trimmed down to achieve FL status. ~SnapperTo 18:24, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

As you truly wish =D

[1] enjoy --Hamachi1993 (talk) 23:48, 3 July 2009 (UTC)Hamachi1993


where does it say the names of the three and eight tailed beasts? and also, it is already says in the tailed beast article that all tailed beasts are giant, so it is kind of excessive Vik0z0z (talk) 02:45, 6 July 2009 (UTC)


I noticed that on the main page, you have bascially given a warning, to anyone who tries to release information before the chapter release date...But wat do I do if i see a user adding spoilers. Should I treat it as vandalism, and request an admin to block him/her? ..-- AlienGamer--Talk-- 18:01, 9 July 2009 (UTC)
I'm asking cause I'm quite pissed at the fact that another chapter has been spoiled..-- AlienGamer--Talk-- 18:06, 9 July 2009 (UTC)
I still dont know with users who add spoilers, so i'll just tellreport them to you..

Bigbrocj90 :..-- AlienGamer--Talk-- 04:43, 10 July 2009 (UTC)

Sorry for the Mix up.........

I'm actually a staff member of Sleepyfans...the scanner of naruto.i was just trying to set up new stuff for tomorrow anyway.....I didn't mean to step on anyones toes...I've actually never used this "wiki" I think it's a great way to get info... Please notify Alien whats his name.... :(--Bigbrocj90 (talk) 05:24, 10 July 2009 (UTC)

sry could you explain your last post please....--Bigbrocj90 (talk) 05:46, 10 July 2009 (UTC)

Poke: When was this stated.

You added the info im asking about, Orochimaru using Vanishing facial copy tech to put on his old face, can you clarify this? Simant (talk) 19:41, 15 July 2009 (UTC)

Iz ok, yes?

Is it okay that I make this kind of warning when a user doesn't follow the policy? ~Hakinu (talk | contribs) 23:14, 16 July 2009 (UTC)

Lol what am I doing wrong?

Um just wondering what is wrong my S-Rank Jutsu page? Newb so go easy and I'm not looking for an argument just advice:D - OutShoneGod(talk | contribs) 15:19, 28 July 2009 (UTC)

Naruto Shippuden Movie 3

I saw the third Shippuden Movie today and at the end Naruto uses a triple sized Rasen-Shuriken against the villain. I also saw that it was far more powerful than the normal version and it created a blast even more powerful than the Sage Mode version (it made a crater 2 times smaller than Pein`s Shinra Tensei) it also created a chakra pattern similar to a rotating shuriken in the sky before Naruto used it, but left Naruto unharmed. I know that movies have no connection with anime or manga, but I really do think that we should add this !! Art-is-a-blast (talk) 06:34, 1 August 2009 (UTC)

Spoiler Question

Hey wen it turns 12 AM (in about 30 mins) can i edit ppl's pages like Danzo n Shisui UchihaMoiz1224 (talk) 06:35, 7 August 2009 (UTC)Moiz1224

Umm never mind i see u already changed them. Well bye 4 nowMoiz1224 (talk) 06:37, 7 August 2009 (UTC) Moiz1224

Spoiler Question

Hey wen it turns 12 AM (in about 30 mins) can i edit ppl's pages like Danzo n Shisui Uchiha-Moiz1224

Naruto's page

Bad idea. Will you please put the protection back on? KazeKitsune (talk) 03:05, 17 August 2009 (UTC)

Why Did you...

I just made this account, and I had almost finished typing my page on word while i already had some of my page up, but you deleted it. I was wondering why, because I'm pretty sure nothing was wrong or bad or whatnot. I'm really frustrated right now...please tell me why you deleted it. --異IyouアヒルAhiru一1二2三3 (talk) 01:32, 20 August 2009 (UTC) (talk) 19:51, 22 August 2009 (UTC)Hey,how's it going? (talk) 19:51, 22 August 2009 (UTC)

Hey, why can't i put pictures on, they are the right ones for the jutsu's and no one else puts them on, and even when they do, mine have better quality.

Can you tell me what to do to be able to put them on, and how to do it, because no offense, but i think all the jutsu's if possible should have pictures. If not, w/e it's cool.

Hey, i didn't notice there were rules on uploading pictured before, because i started my user today, even though i have been using this website for over a year. I have read the rules now, please correct me if i am wrong on anything:

There must be no talking showing, if unavoidable it must be blotted out The pictures must be from an anime or manga website

I get my stuff from a manga website called manga share, and if you took a look at my pictures, i mean, you got to admit it was great quality. I notice that the real problem was not blotting or avoiding text.

If ive forgotten anything, tell me please, because once you give me the ok, id like to start uploading pictures and try and make every jutsu have a picture.

Can you explain what you mean by "licensing and rational"

Also, i see you didn't tag Sauske's new blaze jutsu's picture for deletion, is that picture a good one?

What do you mean by rationals and licenses...-Sauske-Blaze

Hi Ultimate3, I was just wondering...

If there is a collaboratin jutsu between a fire release and a earth release jutsu, shouldn´t it be called lava release? Like the one that the third hokage used in his battle against orochimaru, Earth release: earth dragon bullet,I read the article about this jutsu and it said: This can also be combined with a fire jutsu to shoot lava toward an opponent.Ultimate card maker (talk) 20:54, September 20, 2009 (UTC)

Ok, thanks, i read them, then put the pictures up right --Sauske-Blaze (talk) 12:27, September 21, 2009 (UTC)Sauske-Blaze

Re:Get a picture of Konan if you can

On it...Looking for a good enough frame...--AlienGamer--Talk (contribs)-- 19:00, September 24, 2009 (UTC)

Done...--AlienGamer--Talk (contribs)-- 20:05, September 24, 2009 (UTC)

Nature manipulation

I suggest leaving an uncommented warning so people won't readd Mizukage's kekkei genkai. If that doesn't work, protect the page. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 23:56, September 25, 2009 (UTC)

Can u Block

He wrote sum reely retarded things (the naruto sucks page)--Moiz1224 (talk) 03:44, September 26, 2009 (UTC)

The Chap Is Out

Can we unlock the Fifth Mizukage article now?Saimaroimaru (talk) 07:27, October 2, 2009 (UTC)


Do you really think that this article should not be deleted? It is even not a stub. It's just one sentence, which is written in the Senjutsu article. I suggest that it is just a waste of memory. --Tserg (talk) 12:25, October 3, 2009 (UTC)


Why'd you remove their likely second elements? crystal is either earth/light or earth/wind, and dust is the other possible combination, so why change when it is the only logical answer?--SkyFlicker (talk) 14:00, October 3, 2009 (UTC)

Dosn't dust seem much more probable to use wind than lightning as its second nature? So far the most 'complicated' nature is wood, but all the others are fairly straightforward combinations of two natures.

Pain/Deva jutsu

the 'user' field will not allow for the parent/child jutsu feature that is supposedly coming, that is why I placed those parent jutsu, and left the users alone. the 'users' field isnt part of the jutsu nesting--SkyFlicker (talk) 17:03, October 3, 2009 (UTC)

read my post on simant's talk. the user needs to be nagato, with the six paths of pain and deva path as the parent jutsu, or people will not be able to see the jutsu that the 'six paths of pain' use without nagato in the mix, nor will they be able to see the jutsu that each path uses.--SkyFlicker (talk) 17:09, October 3, 2009 (UTC)

Advanced nature table

Making use of ShounenSuki's icons and coding skills, we put together a table show how the advanced natures work, it's something I've been meaning to do for a while, but the lack of advanced natures made the idea go away. Now that there are more natures, it feels worth doing it. Of course it can still be changed, but do you think it is good enough to be used in relevant pages? Take a look at it here. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 22:16, October 3, 2009 (UTC)

I entrust

that you'll talk to Raycuaza if he keeps on overwriting images? By the way, your talk page is pretty full. Archiving-time? :) ~Hakinu (talk | contribs) 17:37, October 8, 2009 (UTC)

thanks. and the archiving is fairly easy, actually. there's a new button called 'archive' next to watch/unwatch. when you go there, you just mark everything you want to archive on the page by dragging your mouse over it, and press the done-button (forgot what it actually says). oh, and congrats on your 6000th edit :3 ~Hakinu (talk | contribs) 18:05, October 8, 2009 (UTC)
And i recommend you dont use Internet Explorer, and use Chrome or Firefox instead.....Always get sum error msg wen i use I.E...And ya, congrats on your 6000th edit...--AlienGamer--Talk (contribs)-- 18:08, October 8, 2009 (UTC)
I got six hundred edits? How do you know?--TheUltimate3 (talk) 19:04, October 8, 2009 (UTC)
Six THOUSAND...well the user edit count is now on the top of evry Userpage/Talkpage..--AlienGamer--Talk (contribs)-- 19:06, October 8, 2009 (UTC)

Not mine. /shrug

It is there....Thats how we saw that u made 6000 edits...well now 6002...--AlienGamer--Talk (contribs)-- 19:13, October 8, 2009 (UTC)
Oh I see it now. I use a different skin (my Skin is by default similar to Wikipedia. I like that better.)--TheUltimate3 (talk) 20:45, October 8, 2009 (UTC)


Just so you're aware of it; there is a page - forgot which, I think Jacce's talk page says - that has posted the new chapter's translation. ~Hakinu (talk | contribs) 00:41, October 9, 2009 (UTC)

Well, there is a away to keep spoilers out and allow the info to be updated without spoiling: the chapter and its contents are considered spoilers only until any known site releases a scanlation. I saw this week's chapter about 12 hours ago at Mangashare already has it, but according to the current policy, it's still considered a spoiler. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 00:54, October 9, 2009 (UTC)
(that's okay XD) I totally understand why we have the system. but from what i've noticed, it seemed to be okay if onemanga released it on thursday, even after the friday-policy came flying. maybe that's a no-no now, though; it's been a couple of weeks since that last happened. ~Hakinu (talk | contribs) 00:55, October 9, 2009 (UTC)
I don;t understand. MangaFOX is a known site how is it still spoilers? That's really annoying when I edit a goddamn page only for you guys to erase it. :/ ~VictorSavage (talk |--VictorSavage (talk) 01:46, October 9, 2009 (UTC)


Hi, I can't find the page(s) documenting Narutopedia's spoiler policy on the front page of the wiki, the community portal, or the sidebar. The closest thing I could find was the statement "Be warned that the wiki is filled with SPOILERS" on the front page. I think it'd greatly ease the confusion/frustration of new editors if reverts and protections are accompanied with explanations and/or links to the spoiler policy. -Afker All hail AliceSoft! 02:08, October 9, 2009 (UTC)

The spoiler policy really fucking gets on my nerves evne ifa goddamn chapter is released early we Still can't edit articles. What the hell is up with that? =VictorSavage--VictorSavage (talk) 03:21, October 9, 2009 (UTC)

About Zetsu ....

How many kekkai genkai do Zetsu have?—This unsigned comment was made by Kianitzkie14 (talkcontribs) .

I don't get it, even if one manga has it up on a Thursday it's still not "out" yet? Can you please explain more?--VictorSavage (talk) 23:22, October 15, 2009 (UTC)VictorSavage

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