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These are basically some things that I'm anticipating will come about in the series in the near future.


I'm certain that this issue will be resolved soon. As ShounenSuki pointed out, the fact that Kishi revealed the identity of who was in the coffin so soon after revealing 's Splitting Technique makes me believe that to be a viable way for both of them to be Madara. Also, the both of them have made similar statements-mainly the ones regarding Nagato- make me certain of that. The most cementing of those statements were the one's he made to Konan. He was about to kill her, thus had no reason to lie.

Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and Sage Mode

I am certain that Naruto will combine these two forms sometime soon. The fact that he already combined Sage Mode with his Base Jinchuuricki State without any issues, despite the Nine-Tails' hatred shows that there wouldn't be any problem in doing the same in Chakra Mode where its influence is nonexistent. It would bring about an even more drastic increase in his already great power in Chakra Mode. It would also provide him with an even more versatile move set, namely allowing him to make use of Frog Kata, possibly in conjunction with his Chakra Arms to give him maximum reach in addition to an essentially unavoidable attack due to Frog Kata making use of the invisible natural energy. And due to the fact that Chakra Mode alone makes him the fastest ninja alive, the addition of Sage Mode makes him substantially faster. Then, there's also the fact that he'd have increased sensory due to the fact that he can sense negative emotions and the addition of Sage Mode gives him a chakra sensing ability as well, making it essentially impossible to sneak up or surprise him. There is also the fact that Chakra Mode already gives him a silhouette identical to that of the Sage of the Six Paths, and combining it with Sage Mode furthers that connection, albeit in name only, since it is almost certain the the Sage didn't know of Sage Mode. The only foreseeable problem I can think of is that Naruto would be so powerful that Kishi couldn't feasibly convince anyone that any other ninja could keep up with or injure him. There's just no way of doing that in a believable way.

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