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Re: Hey

As I already mentioned in edit summaries more than once, I delete your edits because you're overstuffing the article needlessly. You're adding way too much detail to things which are already covered in the article. Essentially, you're just making the article bigger without really adding to it. When your edits are reverted as often as they have, you don't simply revert it, you bring up the issue in the article's talk page. I couldn't care less about shipping. On the databook sentence, I deleted for already mentioned "too much detail on already covered subject". I'm not biased against any particular ship, though I am against giving it more importance than it deserves, specially in a case like this where a lot of her personality section is already devoted to her feelings towards other characters. If you keep readding those edits, because I looked it up and I'm not the only one who reverted them, I'll have to either block you for revert-warring, or protect the page so you won't edit it. I extend the "too much detail on already covered subject" to all edits you make on character relationships. I already left a bulk of your edit because it deals with her aggression instead of her feelings. Part of what makes an article good isn't just the information, but how the information is delivered. Saying a lot by saying little is important. In an unrelated note, sign your posts with four tildes (~~~~), it leaves a link to your talk page, making it easier for people to contact you. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 02:10, June 18, 2011 (UTC)

It's ok. Remember to check edit summaries, people usually leave reasons for removing content there when it's not obvious, for example, if the page was vandalised. Look through talk pages and talk page archives as well, if there's something you believe is an issue, there's a chance it's been discussed already. For example, the listing of Tsunade as a presumed Lightning Release user. If you check her talk page, you'll see this can be found in both archives, as well as the current talk page, because people didn't bother looking it up before asking, and there's even some talks about that in other relevant talk pages. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 16:09, June 18, 2011 (UTC)

Re: Sakura loves Sasuke sentence

Friend, you're apparently the only one that thought Sakura fell out of love with Sasuke even given everything that happened in the Land of Iron. Find a point where it's definitive that she fell out of love with him (like Karin seemingly did) and your statement can stay, otherwise it'll be removed every time you add it because to be honest it's annoying.--Cerez365 Hyūga Symbol 12:32, July 12, 2011 (UTC)

I really don't care what the discussion is about, but continuing to revert war without resolving it first on a talkpage will get you blocked. SimAnt 22:15, July 12, 2011 (UTC)

What I am saying though is that we've known that Sakura liked or loved Sasuke ever since she's been introduced and professed when he was leaving the village that common knowledge in this series ergo the need to be confirming it is not necessary all the time. Hinata's love for Naruto was never professed until Pain's invasion and you don't see it being affirmed in every other paragraph in her article. By the way, I never said I found you annoying, I find the constant affirmation of her love for him annoying and unnecessary. You can be whatever you want at me, it's rally neither here nor there to me.--Cerez365 Hyūga Symbol 22:20, July 12, 2011 (UTC)

It was stated directly in the series, by both Naruto and Kakashi. Most other people here would revert your edit, not just me. Skitts (talk) 14:21, October 6, 2011 (UTC)

hey this is pinkfairymagic im so glad that somebody else loves narusaku i love that pairing and from the start of part 2 i knew they where going to be together like in the sasuke and sai arc it was basically obvious come on soon as he turned 4 tails her expression went to a expression i only seen her show for only sasuke.

Many people say that she's only falling for naruto because sasuke gone which is a lie she's falling for naruto because she's satrting to realize that he is a great guy and awesome ninja. not because sasuke gone or naruto is the only one there.

And many people hate sakura because she's different and complex and have actual human qualities not some drawed up android with no personality but only one trait,big breasts,powerful from the beginning with no changes and never shows emotion. then yeah sakura not a character for you but she's my favorite charcter.and narusaku my favroite pairing i dont care who knows.


yea they believe that hinata should go with him because she loved him from the beginning then if she loved him from the beginning why didnt she go up there and become his friend instead shying around because i know i do that and im a little shy and because she be like the first character to be like his friend then he'll develope feelings for her well she didn't and he develope feelings for sakura but i have too admit at the beginning i was sasuke x sakura at the beginning during the chunin exams but that change quick when they went to the orochimaru's hideout.

The sakura confession is another reason why they don't like narusaku because thay feel she's mean because she was lying to naruto.But she was only lying to him because she cares for him deeply and she was sick and tire of herself being his pain which many dont reaize because they to high up on bashing and hating her which i think is stupid and makes me believe that they are scaried cause they know she is going to be NARUTO!!!!!! not HINATA!!!!! Naruhinata fans can be so annoying! and im not lying to you because they shoot down other characters and pairings just to make their pairing and couple look good. And i like hinata. but naruto personality will overthrow hinata's in a min. they just to different.SUPER HYPER DONT GO WITH SUPER QUIET.the first one overruns the second which they have to admit but their all like that pairing is cuter than narusaku which is dumb.

And hinata not the only pretty one sakura is pretty too just because she has A or B cup breast she not pretty and just because hinata has C cup doesn't make her prettier. which their all like hinata more developed then sakura then naruto going to go with her which is a true lie. or if i was naruto i go with hinata because sakura is flat as a board which is childish.

And the new chapter of naruto chapter 558 added fire to the fuel cause now their like he saved hinata yeah he likes her or her rescue is so romantic which it is not he saved sakura too which i have to admit is more romantic because he was worried about her and he asked her was she oright. the only nice thing about the hinata rescue was that he saved her and neji extreme worry. which was cute. The chapter was okay but became great when i seen naruto save sakura. i was like YYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSS. he came to her rescue,her hero. i then it switch to hinata i was like o nooo naruhina service this is bad i already kno he is going to save her because this naruto we are talking about and i wanted her to be saved but i already know the fans of that pairing was going to take it to the extreme BADLY.

I'm sorry talking a hole in your head i love that pairing to death. I can talk about them for hours.

--Pinkfairymagic (talk) 20:23, October 7, 2011 (UTC)Pinkfairymagic

yes the NH fans do make me mad sometimes with their not excepting that NS is going to happening i been knowing that NS is going to happen it is like the most obvious pairing in the whole series NH has like a 2%h chance and that is because Naruto has no feelings for her at all except that he thinks of her as a good friend.He could start liking but that is highly unlikely.They need to except that.

Your right the confession was fill with heart because coming from where NS original started this is like a 100% real confession and when I first read that chapter i was like AAAAAAAAWWWWWW!!! Sakura your true feelings is finally coming out. and then i was like say WHAT when naruto called her confession fake because to me it seem like she wasn't lying all because he still believe she loves sasuke which she don't cause i can tell if she still love sasuke. and then all because naruto believe she was lying NH fans ran with it and started saying all sakura UGLY,MEAN,CRUEL,Evil etc for standing there lying to his face so she don't deserve him and they didn't look at the big pic at all. They where just glad they have somthing to have on their side with out finding out the whole truth.

And i'm just like you i can't stand when they say she is abusing Naruto Okay if sakura is so weak and useless and she is hurting naruto. what good is naruto going to be in battle when he face sasuke and madara if sakura basically hurting him NO GOOD. it just a excuse to make her look bad. and yes it is for comical purpose because naruto gets back up not hurt at all because he know it is tough love something he needs. and she is just doing it to keep him straight their just IDIOTS who bash her for no reason and it do make me MAD when i read comments and they are saying mean things about her and calling her ANNOYING when she is not.

--Pinkfairymagic (talk) 22:26, October 7, 2011 (UTC)pinkfairymagic

yes i feel the same way that day is going to be an excellent day because those NH fans know NS fan was always right while they were wrong. and i have a feelings naruto already knows he just need a little showing such as a kiss.

I have a idea what if kishimoto like gave the characters all their own like chakra aura when it release it's own color that is because of their personalities. i already know that they have some chakra colors out there but they are boring cause most everyone have blue chakra but this is some examples. Naruto-stay blue or become green Sakura-white or light pink Kakashi-stay blue Sai-light purple Yamato-golden yellow Hinata-purple Ino-yellow shikamaru-light blue choji-orange kiba-red shina-dark purple tsunade-dark pink so on so on i know im off topic but i usually like sharing my many ideas.

and also i think kishi should give sakura her own jutsus like naruto and sasuke so she can be on par with them. A jutsu like i dont know pink fairy magic i got my narutopedia name from thinking about sakura.i think i find that knd of jutsu suited for her cause of her hair color and kind-hearted personality.

--Pinkfairymagic (talk) 23:24, October 7, 2011 (UTC)--Pinkfairymagic (talk) 23:24, October 7, 2011 (UTC)pinkfairymagic

okay to be honest i think that sasuke should die but at the same time i think he shouldn't die at all because i really want him to be saved by naruto because i really like naruto i want him too be happy even though sasuke is a extreme douche to naruto,sakura and even karin naruto still cares about him deeply.

If it was a battle between naruto and sakura who will win and sakura and hinata who will win.

--Pinkfairymagic (talk) 02:29, October 8, 2011 (UTC)--Pinkfairymagic (talk)pinkfairymagic

yelp agree naruto vs sasuke=naruto victory sakura vs hinata=sakura victory best fights Those two would be epic fights but i dont think sakura and hinata should really fight since i like hinata and sakura's my fav.

what do you think about the war that's going on and why is zetsu all ways attacking sakura do you think it's kabuto or madara plan to capture her so that they can get naruto to there location so that they can capture him. because that is what i think is what is going on. some say they just want to get rid of the medical divison so that the ninjas dont have anybody to heal them.

--Pinkfairymagic (talk) 03:25, October 8, 2011 (UTC)pinkfairymagic

he isn't doing anything but itching to fight naruto and hurt people in the leaf.But yeah their fight always is sad which is good and bad because their be alot of emotion and pain when they fight cause they really be in to win even though but dont want to really hurt each other. and the war is long and interesting i hope they put sakura in a more heroine awesome part in the war or even in the plot of the war because she always get the short end of the stick and don't really get to show off what she can do. And i dont really like how they dont let her develope her skills and abilities because she's the main female she should be able to.

--Pinkfairymagic (talk) 04:57, October 8, 2011 (UTC)pinkfairymagic

yea i hate that too because now you have a lot people out there sayings she's weak and useless when she is not and of course there going to bash her for the author's mistake. Have you read chapter 558 it's making me so mad because naruto rescues sakura and hinata and the naruhina fans are like her rescue is so romantic their getting ready to be together or it's about to stop. and their saying sakura rescue was just friendly and it's sakura so it's no big deal because she is always getting saved makes me mad.

--Pinkfairymagic (talk) 07:32, October 9, 2011 (UTC)pinkfairymagic

o sorry i meant start their saying naruto and hinata relationship are going to start.


Since you edits has been removed over and over again, you should start a discussion on the articles talk pages. Jacce | Talk | Contributions 06:36, October 9, 2011 (UTC)

Jacce mistakenly made this sound like a suggestion. Which it wasn't. Making the same edit nine times with no attempt to explain yourself is bad form. When your block expires (tomorrow), I encourage you to discover Talk:Naruto Uzumaki. ~SnapperTo 23:25, October 13, 2011 (UTC)

have you read the new chapter who would of figured madara and tobi are two different people or something like that. On chapter 559 naruto talk to hinata and told her she was strong something about seeing she is worried through her eyes. and hinata its naruto how she knows because of his eyes people are saying this is a moment for NH. and their getting ready to be canon. whatever. just talking dont make you canon. i have to admit this is a moment. but they have a long way to catch up with up with have plenty no Fillers.

--Pinkfairymagic (talk) 20:35, November 1, 2011 (UTC)pinkfairymagic


Meh, you can undo my edit. Twas just what I thought.

Edit- Oh and NaruSaku for the win. :D Skitts (talk) 07:36, February 10, 2012 (UTC)

hey i know that you don't know me my name is Kyuzo.

Kyuzo Hatake

Re: NaruSaku

Oh definitely. NaruSaku is the best IMO. I find NaruSaku so likely because he's been in love with her since like the 1st or 2nd chapter, so that makes about 572 chapters now. The only other possible one would be NaruHina and he hasn't even indicated any romantic feelings towards her post-confession. People are all like "Oh NaruHina's gonna happen! Didn't you see 573?" And then I'm like "Hinata has liked Naruto since she was shown. Nothing new". What's more likely. he'll make the main character randomly fall in love with someone he hasn't even seemed to care for that way or the one he's always been in love with? And Hinata just doesn't seem like the type for Naruto, and Kushina did say for Naruto to find someone like her, which is Sakura. /rant xD Skitts (talk) 08:34, February 11, 2012 (UTC)

NaruSaku is definitely gonna work I mean Naruto barely talks to her that much compared to Sakura,and the only reason they want NaruHinata to work is because they think Naruto should give more attention to her.I mean seriously.It's obvious.But Sakura unlike Hinata has dealt with Naruto's Hyper-activity for ages.I agree with you Ash.

K.Hatake (talk) 02:40, February 12, 2012 (UTC)

Hey I'm glad that there are other NaruSaku fans out there, some of the SasuSaku fans started being rude to me about it all,but my threat to hit them in the face wasn't very smart.
Naruto saves Sakura

sorry i forgot, the pictures were from me.(just so you know)

K.Hatake (talk) 02:54, February 12, 2012 (UTC)

put something on my talk page.

K.Hatake (talk) 03:50, February 12, 2012 (UTC)

Yes, blind NaruHina fans annoy me at times. Skitts (talk) 06:20, February 12, 2012 (UTC)

Don't let NaruHina fans get you down. They just can't stand that Naruto hasn't shown the slightest romantic interest in her xD I just don't see any pairing that would be better than NaruSaku. Skitts (talk) 06:31, February 12, 2012 (UTC)

Oh I don't mind. xDD It's something I'm really looking forward to in the manga. ^_^ Skitts (talk) 06:41, February 12, 2012 (UTC)

Hehe, I'll probably want to do something similar. xP Skitts (talk) 08:04, February 12, 2012 (UTC)

Kyuzo Hatake You're right about them being ignorant trolls,one of the main reasons SasuSaku is never gonna work is coz Sakura's smart,And Sasuke is just an idiot with good looks. that's why Sakura's my 2nd favourite character she's smart,and when fighting doesn't just use brute strength, she uses her brain,And NaruHina is better but not likely Naruto thinks of Hinata as a friend, and if he was to name his closest friend it wouldn't be Hinata.My brother said to my sister once if a boy's to scared to ask you out and he's not trying to gain the courage to,then he's not worth it.In Sasuke's case:grow up, the world's not centred around me

Hey i won't be on for 5 days I've gotta go on a Mega Camp.

K.Hatake (talk) 10:23, February 12, 2012 (UTC)

this guy called supersayaman has been giving me a bit of trouble go on skitts talk page and halfway through he's there.(it says NaruHina fan(talk) K.Hatake (talk) 11:20, February 12, 2012 (UTC)

RP: Shipping

Hinata was the one who triggered the KN6 transformation. She was the only person who came to save him. She confessed her love for him and Naruto transformed because he thought she died. He even wondered if he accidentally had hurt her during his rampage during 441. In Part I, Hinata gave Naruto the peptalk he needed to face Neji, and he said he liked people like her. Oh, and when Naruto saved her from being overwhelmed by the White Zetsu, he praised her, and the manga is leading into a NaruHina solution as in 573.

Sakura's confession showed she still thought of Naruto as a child. She couldn't just tell him the truth. No, she had to manipulate him by giving him a false confession, more to the point she makes it seem that she only fell for him since he saved the village, and only did so since Sasuke was out of her reach. That, my friend, is despicable. Kiba, Rock Lee, Sai, Kakashi, and Yamato ALL saw it.

Hinata has loved Naruto because he is Naruto, while if Sakura has any feelings for him, its because of what he has become. Hinata has been silently supporting Naruto ever since her introduction. And now she can step up and support him in the open.

More to the point, Hinata was originally created by Kishimoto to be Naruto's love interest. Not Sakura, who, still at this point, loves Sasuke.--NaruHina fan (talk) 23:48, February 12, 2012 (UTC)

The point of the matter is, she tried. Where was Sakura when Naruto was pinned? Who jumped in trying to rescue him? The only way Hinata saw how she could help Naruto was luring Deva Path away, which she did manage to do. Hell Hinata DOES do the things you say in the Anime you know? She did it selflessly, with full knowledge she might die. That is more that what you can say about what Sakura did. On top of that, she finally confessed how she really felt. Naruto was stunned, and when she was nearly killed? Look at how he reacted. Even Pain acknowledged his reaction.
Sakura's confession wasn't selfless in the least. She treated Naruto like a child. She didn't try at all to tell him what the rest of the Konoha 11 decided about the Sasuke situation. Instead, she strung him along, lied to him, and tried to use whatever feelings he had for her to stop him of his promise. How is that selfless? Its selfish and disgusting. Hell, she only tried to tell Naruto in the first place because Sai-Mr. Novice in human interaction, mistook what Naruto was feeling for her! She was doing everything for Naruto? So according to you, treating him like a child, manipulating his feelings, and practically forcing him to break his lifetime promise (which, btw, he made for her originally)...that's a good thing for you? Also, what Yamato said isn't evidence. He had only known Naruto and Sakura for what, a week? Less than that? Kiba was pissed, by the way. Rock Lee shocked (since he fricking did it right in front of her), and Kakashi knew she didn't even mean it.
So, again, you're saying Sakura shouldn't love Naruto all along, only loving that he became a village hero? While Hinata, who loved Naruto all along...isn't a good thing? Hinata knows Naruto well enough to know what he's really like, Sakura? She spent most of her time brushing him off and ignoring any feelings he had. Those were good reasons? Ugh, you don't know romance, Romance Girl.
The point is, Hinata was one of the only people who didn't hate Naruto. She was the only girl who wasn't cheering on Sasuke in that flashback, even wishing Naruto luck! Look at the Chunin Exams, trying to help him (and hell, she did). You do realize the reason why Hinata was so introverted was due to her homelife back then, right? Silently supporting Naruto was the only thing she could do. Its far better than Sakura beating the crap out of him, ridiculing him, etc.
And you fail to see all the shots of Hinata's feelings in Part II, Naruto acknowledging them, the latest chapters? All because you believe Sakura, who still loves Sasuke, honestly loves Naruto? Because you think Sakura, who treats Naruto like crap in regards to his feelings honestly is the better choice? You've been reading too much Twilight if you think that. Oh...and you ignore that Kishimoto created Hinata to be Naruto's love interest too, huh?--NaruHina fan (talk) 01:16, February 13, 2012 (UTC)
In the anime, it was different. She tried removing the rods, remember? In the manga, she was more focused on getting Deva Path the hell away from Naruto. How do you know Sakura didn't know Naruto was in danger? She had a Byakugan user reporting his every move to her, remember? How was in any way what Hinata did was selfish? How can you say 'he doesn't hold any feelings for'? He said he likes her, and has been helping her out a lot. And vice versa. Anyone can see that he likes her.
Sakura didn't even try to be honest with him. She went in, wanting to use Naruto's feelings for her to get her way. Sai was right, she was doing it for Naruto...but guess what? She completely wrote off his feelings for the matter. And Naruto saw her words were not genuine after he asked her about Sasuke. It was so painfully obvious that she didn't mean one ounce of her confession, she spent the entire rest of the arc on a humiliation conga line! And again, Sai isn't the best person to ask in regards for Naruto's feelings for Sakura. He is a newbie at these things, and is constantly referring to books. The fact is, Naruto made a promise for Sakura after seeing how she felt about Sasuke, which is why he tried so hard to bring him back.
How am I putting her on a pedestal? Its a genuine fact. Hinata, who was the only person to like Naruto for who he is ever since they were a bad thing? I agree, Sakura has gotten far better to Naruto ever since the Timeskip. It didn't prevent her from using his feelings for her to stop chasing Sasuke, though. What Yamato said-we don't know the unfinished sentence. You'd have a case if it'd been Kakashi who said it, since he knows them best. Yamato though? Again, at that point he barely knew either of them. Oh...the double standard of 'oh, Female on Male Violence is comedy' and not to be taken seriously. If Naruto did half the things Sakura did to him...would you be laughing?
Onto Naruto's feelings for Sakura. You classify it as love when in reality...he really didn't know what love meant until he met his mother. At best, for all these years, he had a crush on her. Which can easily been mistaken as love by someone by Sai, due to his inexperience with human interaction. And Naruto himself saw how much Sakura felt about Sasuke at the end of Part I, and continue to see she still held these feelings for him throughout Part II. Have you thought Naruto could have been confused on how Hinata felt about him? And that Kushina finally showed him what it meant?
On the contrary, I don't hate Sakura. I hate Sakura being with Naruto. I defend Sakura a lot on forums, and I tell people she's stronger than they take her for. Though her nearly ruined her entire character. Such blatant lies, such manipulation, etc. You seriously can't see it was either that, considering Naruto's reaction? Until the manga says otherwise, btw, Sakura still loves Sasuke and that was confirmed on 539.
Sorry, I kind of run into Twilight fans during shipping debates. Please don't tell me you pair Zuko and Katara from Avatar. I get a little angry here since you marginalize Hinata's contributions, make her seem selfish, and say her feelings are one-sided even though Naruto really hasn't addressed that part of the confession yet. And you still ignore that Kishimoto made Hinata to be Naruto's love interest, he said it himself. --NaruHina fan (talk) 06:14, February 13, 2012 (UTC)
Its alright. At least you're not a Zutara fan...I'm actually writing a fic where Sakura is treated right. Haven't decided who to pair her with though...but she is finally getting one on one training with Kakashi.
If Naruto's feelings had stopped being a crush, I think he'd figure out he'd never get Sakura's heart back at the end of Part I when she poured her heart out to him to get Sasuke back. I doubt Naruto understood what love really was until he met his mother though, its not like he could summon his love for either Sakura or Hinata to overpower Kurama's hatred, after all. And I don't see that as a confession. And we don't even know when that conversation took place.
Aren't you putting Sakura on a pedestal though? Given you're making every attempt to put Hinata down now, don't you see that...? And how do you know it isn't romantic? Naruto said specifically he liked people like her. And why would Hinata's feelings for Naruto, and him acknowledging her near sacrifice and praising her, be brought up time and time and time again if Kishi wasn't leading us to a Naruto/Hinata solution? Why didn't he have in 573, have Sakura go the next time we meet, I'll show you how I really feel Naruto? Why did Kishi again go for Hinata?
I don't think Sakura's confession is open for interpretation at all. She lied to him, lied to herself, and tried using Naruto's feelings to manipulate him off the path he set. I don't think you also saw she refused to see Naruto's growth as a person, since she treated him the same way he was three years ago. Imagine if Sakura had confessed back then, what would have happened? Naruto'd take it at face value, seeing no deeper meeting. Instead of talking with him like an adult, she treated him like a kid. Sakura hurt Naruto in more ways than she could imagine (given that after Sai's explanation, the picture of Team 7 shattered in Naruto's mind) because she wouldn't be honest. I don't see any conflict now between her feelings for Naruto and Sasuke, due to we had another reaffirmation of her feelings for Sasuke just the 'night' before.
Again, you really don't know that. And you're saying that Hinata's feelings aren't valid, nor does it matter than again, she was the only person on his side for years.
Put Naruto in Sakura's shoes when Sakura hits him or loses her temper. Tell me, is it funny or not? I know what a Tsundere is. I see Shrinking Violets as better love interests since there is no emotional or physical abuse in it. Its a reason why I dislike characters like Asuka Langley when it comes to relationships.
First Fanbook or Databook I believe, when Kishimoto was being interviewed about the characters. Hinata was originally written to be Naruto's love interest, since Kishi had decided to make Sasuke and Sakura get together.--NaruHina fan (talk) 08:27, February 13, 2012 (UTC)

if you read the last three chapiters you can see that the intarction between naruto e hinata bicome bigger and bigger... while the interaction between sakura e naruto became smaller. i don't know if kishi is planning to make naruto e hinata the official couple but he say "Despite not being the main heroine of the series, Kishimoto stated that, at the time of the 2010 interview, Hinata would make a better heroine than Sakura. This is due to the fact that Hinata has a more complex background as opposed to Sakura who Kishimoto stated has a "normal" background. " this is true hinata e naruto have a similar background while sakura background don't have any importarce...the only think know about sakura is the frendship between her and ino and the fact about her forehead.-- (talk) 13:23, February 13, 2012 (UTC)

I think when that happened, Naruto realized he just had a crush, not that he was in love with Sakura. Hence why he wanted to make her happy to get Sasuke back for her. Onto the confession: since she wasn't. She wasn't being honest with herself, and she wasn't being honest with Naruto. The entire wording of her confession showed that she didn't mean she was sincere at all. And it doesn't matter on the timing, Sakura could have waited for Naruto to return and if she confessed like she did, Naruto still would have seen through her smoke and mirrors. Why don't you acknowledge that Sakura was treating him like a kid there? She treated him like he was three years ago regarding the confession. Sakura getting angry just showed she WAS lying to him and to herself. The people who see it for what it is are the rest of the Naruto fanbase, the only 'interpretation' is from Naruto/Sakura shippers like you, I believe. And even then, most NaruSaku shippers aren't defending it as ardently as you since they know they have no leg to stand on, or they were disgusted by her dishonesty and manipulation.
Sakura's mistakes make it hard for people to like her. Its like she's gone through 're-chickification', if you know the term. Unlike Hinata, whose giving her all on the front lines of the War for example, Sakura has fallen back to use her secondary talent as a 'White Mage'. And honestly...even Kishimoto acknowledged that Hinata is more of a heroine than Sakura. And there are more ways to protect a person than just flat out strength, Romance Girl. And her orders were to protect him during the war, and she did leap in when he was helpless. Unlike Sakura's love of Sasuke in Part I, which is detrimental to her character, Hinata's love of Naruto improved her. She became more confident, more assertive, and stronger in mind and body. While Sakura's love of Sasuke made her weaker, and made her take a step back. And how can you say she's a Naruto 'fangirl' if she wants to, instead of walking behind him, walk side by side, hand in hand with im as equals?
Again, you're ignoring the point. NaruHina has been continually readdressed in the manga. Sakura's confession hasn't. Sakura's feelings haven't. Even Sakura didn't think about her feelings for Naruto, during the latest chapter. Hinata has been getting more attention, from a shipping standpoint, than Sakura has. Its obvious Kishimoto is leading us into that direction.
Both the Third Databook and Naruto's 'confession' took place before the Invasion of Pain. Before Hinata's confession, before Sakura's, etc. Before the major changes that happened to Naruto and the village. Have you thought that if Sakura did love Naruto...given their interactions, it'd be more of a platonic type of love? She hasn't truly expressed any true romantic interest in him, it isn't ambiquious. You'd have more evidence if it came from the Second Fanbook, given it was after the Invasion of Pain.
No, I haven't. When Kishimoto created Hinata, she was supposed to be his Love interest, but you were right she wasn't supposed to be a ninja. Many translations have confirmed that.
Tsundere's are good when they have mellowed out. Sakura is still, so far, like Asuka Langley...which isn't a good thing. Again...if Naruto acted the same way Sakura did to him...would you support it on 'funny' grounds?
NaruHina is becoming more and more and more likely as the chapters roll in, while NaruSaku seems to be being swept under a rug.--NaruHina fan (talk) 04:07, February 14, 2012 (UTC)
Maybe in the future, but its not much of a big deal. As of now, I'm done.--NaruHina fan (talk) 07:45, February 14, 2012 (UTC)

i talking about this: [1] this is the last chapters hinata [2] this is sakura

this is the chapters 559 [3] this is naruto and hinata

this is the chapters 558 [4] naruto salve hinata with a lot interaction (see the 599)

[5] here naruto salve sakura

this are the interaction i talking about and about sakura this is her heart [6] she don't remenber naruto but sasuke when the shinobi confess his love to her i don't like naruhina but only hinata the problem is persons that look only at what they like... the link i add are the proof of the interaction between naruto e hinata and tha one between sakura e naruto...the difference is the screen time why kishi make more screen time between hinata e naruto?? he would make the couple official?? why when a shinobi confess his love to sakura her remenber sasuke and not naruto?? about the heroine in the story everybody know thet sakura is the main heroine but she never do something like hinata with pain in that case i think hinata was more heroic. --Nitram86 (talk) 13:59, February 14, 2012 (UTC)

all the thing you are talking about are your confusion about the love of naruto and sasuke in the manga where you can see it?? i don't talk about the filler i talk about the last chapters (see the links i have add) first when the ninja confess to sakura she don't remenber NARUTO AND SASUKE (there is any pictures about naruto [7]) but only sasuke if she was trully in love with naruto she remember sasuke but also naruto... now look this [8] when naruto remember his fiends the first two are sakura and behind her hinata... what this mean?? why not someone else?? the rest are in the manga as well the chapiters 558 there is naruto and hinata [9] naruto go and salve hinata they talk (page 18 19 20 21) then in the chapiters 599 [10] (page 4 5 6 ) while sakura in two chapiters only [11] this 558 page 16 and the first part of the 17 only...other that noting...for some chapiters chapiter 573[12] hinata page 9 and fist part of 10 (with some interesting thing about hinata) she say ("i alweys chasing after you even now but once this war ends im going to stop once for all next time i was next to you holding your hand walking with you WAIT FOR ME) while sakura [13] only half page 13 and she say (" naruto you salve konoha and you try to salve the world you alweys get left this insurmuntable task but not matter what you say this time... WE 'RE GOING TO BE TOGETHER") but she add this part that i don't understand (" NOT JUST ME WE GOING TO ALL FIGHT TOGEDER THIS TIME") why if she love naruto like hinata she don't say somthing like we stay together only me and you or something like this but she add herself to naruto's friends (the other konoha 11) why this not just me?? while hinata say wait for me... hinata don't think about fight with naruto but only stay with him because she love him... (and if you say she don't love realy naruto you don't have read the manga... she sacrifice her life for naruto vs pain she love naruto after the 3 years time skip...if she don't love him in 3 years she have lost interest in him then she use his byakugan only for naruto sake not for the village not for the shinobi alleance (she don't wear the shinobi forehead protector )[14]) about sakura she love sasuke YES but for the world she try to kill him with the poison kunai...if you love someone you don't kill him but you sacrifice your live for him (like hinata) one other thing you say sakura make a lot for naruto first sakura is in the same team with naruto so il normal she have more screen time with him but where you can see romantic interaction between sakura and naruto find the pictures and we talk about (not filler and not anime only manga)... even when hinata sacrifice herself for naruto she don't do a thing cure hinata [15] why she don't do a thing if she love naruto... and about sakura confession is a lie only to broke the promise about bring back sasuke (even naruto say sakura is lying to herself) while hinata is not lying she was about to die...

look at this sakura is scared by kurama tree tails while hinata [16] only think about naruto --Nitram86 (talk) 16:46, February 15, 2012 (UTC) in the part one the interaction is only by naruto (when the two was about to kiss he was henge in sasuke) part two like you say (3. Rescuing Gaara arc. Sakura was sympathizing with Naruto's situation as a Jinchuriki immensely. 4. Rescuing Gaara Arc. Sakura wanted to know what would happen if the beast was extracted from them, possibly wanting Naruto to be free of it. However, when Chiyo explained they would die, Sakura was openly crying very hard over Naruto's situation. Naruto had told her he would rescue Gaara, possibly not wanting her to cry over him. ) she want naruto be free of kurama leater kurama attack her end when naruto fight orocimaru she say this is the power of a jinkuichi this horryfing chakra and seem a lot scared [17] naruto is a jinkuichi so need someone who love him and kurama as well. sakura can love kurama? i'm not sure... hinata after the 6 tail trasformation say "naruto becamo the kyubi for me" but she add somtining like "but he seem so sad and angry" like she undertand naruto as a jinkuichi but hate the fact naruto when trasformed became furius and sad... so i think se cen love kurama too as a part of naruto. (expecialy after the full control of kurama)

(Sai was insulting Sasuke and Naruto was about to start a fight with him again but Sakura stopped him, telling Sai to forgive Naruto. But she then punched Sai saying "But you don't have to forgive me." It was because he badmouthed Sasuke but it showed she didn't want Naruto to be in trouble. 9. Tenchi Bridge Arc. Sakura felt bad for how torn up Naruto was over Sasuke, telling Sai they were like brothers. Sai told Sakura "You're gentle to Naruto, Sakura. I don't understand feelings such as those but there was this book-" but Naruto interrupted again. This could be that Sai was pointing out possible feelings for Naruto, but the moment was interrupted again. Also, Sakura's air bubble had "....?" as if she didn't undertand what he could mean.)the interaction in the sai arc sai offend sasuke and for sasuke sakura beat sai not for naruto this is a possibility she have a feeling for naruto but the question LOVE?? or a deep friendship in the sai ark sai can't undertand the friendship and other emotion cause the training from the how he can understand that sakura is in love whit naruto when he can understand the emotions??

(19. Finding Sasuke Arc. When Naruto was fighting Tobi and he got hit, Hinata immediately worried for his safety, yet Sakura called her out on it, saying she should focus and he couldn't get beaten that easily. Again, another example of how much more faith she has in Naruto that Hinata doesn't.) or you can see in term of different personality sakura know naruto well and know his streignt she is caracctery stronger than hinata when hinata is a shy and gentile persone that care a lot about others in this case she care a lot about naruto because she don't whant he suffer... sakura on other hand is sure that naruto can andle this alone (naruto alweys fight alone what jutsu have sakura a parte the medical ninjutsu and the super streingt?? pease kishimoto the summoning tecnique to sakura or somthing like that hinata have the Jūho Sōshiken the Hakke Kūhekishō some fantastic jutsu )

about kushina there is a lot to talk fist i think the parents can't talk about the love of the child only the child can find who they love. in second she say like me the personality match with sakura true but the apparence match hinata and i think this was make for create the two possibility (hinata and sakura) now talk about the hinata development part 1 and fist part of the part 2 when she say naruto she pass out... but in the part 2 she go in mission with him (serch of itachi arc) she fight for him (pain arc) and in the last part she go in war for him (see the pictures and read this part [18] she underatand naruto so well that she can find he is the real naruto ONLY LOOKING AT HIM (while neji and kiba say he have different chakra segnature and smell) and when she was afraid about she was salved again he (only looking at her) say "don't warry about that hinata i'm pretty lame considering you salve mi at last twice now" and hinata don't say a think (is black she was talking to herself) then the best part (is all in your eyes don't get so down on yourself you are strong) and hinata eyes remember the attack of pain.

now you think hinata don't have any development but if in the firt part she surrender without try now she fight with a lot of gust for naruto (using her byakugan for protect him fighting with neji and with naruto side by side) how you can say she don't have any development?? read only the last chapiters her salve neji from one of the white zetsu (she a main house member and the weaker hyuga salve the genius of the hyuga and a breanc house member it isn't this a development, she that with naruto can't talk go to salve him and confess her love...she that hate fighting that fight for naruto sake and do everything she can to protect the men she love) i think this is some development for a shy gentile insicure girl she became a more secure woman.

but a last thing i in my post have make a lot of question about the manga but you don't some time why kishi make more screen time between hinata e naruto?? he would make the couple official?? why when a shinobi confess his love to sakura her remenber sasuke and not naruto?? why sakura said WE'RE GOING TO BE TOGETHER NOT JUST ME WE GOING TO ALL FIGHT TOGEDER THIS TIME" and not somethik like hinata Wait for me ?

now look this [19]  when naruto remember his fiends the first two are sakura and behind her hinata... what this mean?? why not someone else??

kishimoto for a lot of chapiter don't make hinata appear but recently she have a lot of screen time with naruto this is strange don't you think?? --Nitram86 (talk) 12:34, February 16, 2012 (UTC)

so we must wait and see at the end of the manga we know the truth....i hope hinata find someone to love...naruto or someone else because she deserve it! the mutual naruhina there are in the firt part before neji fight that naruto say he like people like hinata in the part two all the development in the last chapiters (the fact of the eyes...) you don't ask the questions the problem it isen't the pairing inself you like narusaku i prefer naruhina is ok every one have his ideas... the question are importants because allow two people to talk about the manga they like having an exchange of ideas.

the question are why hinata a secondary characters have more air time in the last chapters while sakura is the main heroine kishimoto have somenthing to do with her ? why sakura the main heroine don't have any new jutsu after the begin of the part 2 ??(her jutsu are the medical ninjutsu and the supersteght)... teach her the Kuchiyose for Katsuyu some strong bushin something... --Nitram86 (talk) 12:34, February 17, 2012 (UTC) it must be soon if is true that the group is going to naruto we must see something hinata would stay with naruto in this fight so we must see what sakura do... the big problem is sasuke he is heading to naruto too i think he find itachi so i hope the shinobi come to naruto firt else if sasuke find the shinobi someone die now sasuke is too strong... sakura try to kill him with what?? the poison kunai again?? he have the susanoo... hinata and neji can use the byakugan tecniques there is some good fighter like rock lee kiba tenten...choji is now skinny so i don't think have enougt FAT to use the calori control. then there is shikamaru with his intelligence that can do something...but i think they togeder can do anithink to sasuke that like naruto now is a kage level. so the possibility are SASUKE VS ITACHI and the shinobi go to naruto SASUKE VS SHINOBI than itachi arrive i like see kage vs madara ok naruto vs jinkuichi and tobi but we have a other big mach and we can see it?? this i something i hate about the manga is a lot better that the anime but when you see a fight you like see it to the end and not wait 8 or 9 weeks to see an end expecialy off was better if you make a chapiters on naruto vs tobi and a other on madara vs kage or in a chapiters about naruto vs tobi add a page on the other battlefield...

 --Nitram86 (talk) 10:04, February 18, 2012 (UTC)

Skitts was basically being a jerk.

Pairing debates are very stressful, RomanceGirl, I was okay doing you, but I was then ganged up by him. Of course you agree with him, he's your friend and I basically had zero allies. I see Naruto being with Hinata from the reasons I stated, and I see what Sakura's confession really was. But I'm done debating with either of you, sorry. --NaruHina fan (talk) 07:31, February 14, 2012 (UTC)

I didn't need any allies to prove my points, logic was all I needed. ^_^ I was a bit jerkish, but not only did you ignore my points, but you said ignored your points when they were in direct response to yours'. >.>

Oh and hey RG. Skitts (talk) 07:38, February 14, 2012 (UTC)

Nothing much, I'm doing well. :D You? I tend to get annoyed in debates when I feel the opposing side is ignoring my points. Skitts (talk) 07:45, February 14, 2012 (UTC)

Thanks heaps.I'm amazed by your skills, you absolutely took out Supersayaman and Nitram something

P.S:you don't have to email me if you don't want to. you're awesome. K.Hatake (talk) 02:14, February 18, 2012 (UTC)

Don't worry about the email thingy.Besides I love debating too, if you need help I will be more than glad to step in(though knowing your debating skills you probably won't need help), personally I love writing.however I have to admit I'm not that level-headed with them. --K.Hatake (talk) 09:04, February 18, 2012 (UTC)

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Dabating's epic.I'll tell you if I come across another(tell me if you come across one).I've only kept my head once so far.I have to admit SasuSaku is probably the most unlikely pair I can think of.Personally I didn't like Taylor swifts first album much(it was Ok)but I thought the second album-speak now- was really good.And Avril lavinge Is really good.I loved your profile especially the part at the end where you put your feelings on the characters.Right now I'm gonna create my profile.

--K.Hatake (talk) 11:15, February 21, 2012 (UTC)

Ch. 575

I hope Sakura and the rest of the Konoha 11 appear in the chapter tomorrow. :) Skitts (talk) 03:16, February 22, 2012 (UTC)

Actually I agree with everything you said about pairings. --K.Hatake (talk) 08:30, February 22, 2012 (UTC)

I haven't read it yet. what's your favourite Rasengan?mine is the windrasenshuriken or the normal one.--K.Hatake (talk) 06:44, February 24, 2012 (UTC)

Can I call you Ash?

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You've a great sense of adventure and feel happiest when there's mud on your boots. Leaving it all behind for a few hours and exploring what the natural world has to offer keeps your mind fresh and ready to take on the day to day grind.

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To sum it up in a few words, you love the mystery of life. You are not someone who only sees the humdrum of human existence - you like to marvel at the wonders of nature and universe.

if not here's the link. -555e-5e62-bf3a-31354d26aba2 --K.Hatake (talk) 03:26, February 25, 2012 (UTC)

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You're right I'm not nearly as fair as you when it comes to debating I'm a bit crude but efficient.And thanks for apologizing for me. --K.Hatake (talk) 07:54, March 6, 2012 (UTC)

Sorry for my antics.and I wasn't trying to force him I just thought that he was annoyed because he got teamed up against,and I haven't really tested my skills seriously yet.

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I am the only one who likes writing (other than you) that I know.Personally I'll take any exxcuse I can to write a story or even an essay.(I obviously like to "make my point" --K.Hatake (talk) 04:48, March 7, 2012 (UTC)

Sometimes when I lose I get new tips on better ways to win.

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Is there somewhere where you can search for people?

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Hi! I've been reading Sai and Sasuke arc yesterday and suddenly felt really sorry for Sakura - and not because of her inability to help Naruto (something she regrets herself), but rather because Kishimoto writes her this way. I'm telling you this because Sakura is one of your favourite characters. Now, I don't want to say that she is "useless" because I don't want to sound like a hater, but that does end up being true quite often, and this is why I feel really bad for her. She could have done much better if Kishimoto gave her a chance! What's your take on this?

Also, what do you think of Hinata as a character, outside of pairing debates? Sorry if that sounds like I'm interviewing you, I'm just curious o.o --~the lurker~ --kiadony --talk to me-- 07:58, March 17, 2012 (UTC)

Well, I can't say that I love Sakura but I do symphasise with her. I have nothing against Hinata, either, but she is really underdeveloped as a character. Maybe, if she got more development, pairing her with Naruto would have made more sense. But, with things as they are now, Hinata's love for Naruto really does seem like a sad attempt of Kishimoto's to make her character interesting. And that doesn't just happen with her, too - Sakura "suffered" from the same thing in Part I after all, but at least there were some comical moments. The fact that Sakura can't overcome her feelings for Sasuke is really improbable - after all, they were just kids when she fell in love with him, and somehow she didn't seem to grow up in that respect. The same goes for Naruto, actually - in my eyes, his determination to bring him back and this general fixation on him grew a bit far-fetched over time, writing-wise. Besides, Sasuke descended into darkness pretty quick and stopped caring about Naruto, so I never thought there was actually enough time for Naruto to bond with him so closely, especially since Part I seems so short now in comparison to Part II. This is what makes Naruto's character unrealistic to me. On the other hand, I find his philosophy of never giving up and his undying will inspiring (when it's not applied to Sasuke), so I definitely have a certain liking for him, too. I'm actually moved to tears every time I read his conversation with Nagato ("You give up, thinking I'll give up!" thing). I also cry when I read the scene where Naruto meets Kushina, that's got to be the most touching moment in the whole manga for me. Not even my favourite characters' deaths have such effect on me, mostly because I usually know they are doomed to die (oh well, I'll have to wait until chapter 520 is made into anime. It may yet tear my heart apart).
And what do you think of the fact that Naruto seems to hardly ever think of his feelings for Sakura lately? While it's understandable since Naruto is a Shounen manga and doesn't focus much on romance, but it's been a while since his feelings for her were last reaffirmed. I think that, now that he's met his mother and understood the parents' love, he has a chance to develop truly mature feelings for Sakura, as well (or maybe Hinata if Kishimoto actually decides to twist the plot in that direction. Not that I care much since I'm not a shipper, but he'd need to give her a lot more development for that to be plausible). --kiadony --talk to me-- 09:33, March 17, 2012 (UTC)

Re: Confirmed Facts

Apology accepted. I'm usually not very good at explaining things through words at first, but I know/remember very well what had happened in the manga (I have autism). The third databook can be helpful, but for now we are using the latest chapters to help support the evidence. That's called "connecting the dots". Sakura's romantic feelings for Sasuke are STILL solid, according to chapter 540 (Hinata's feelings for Naruto are shown as well). From what me and others can tell so far, Naruto and Sakura's relationship is nothing more than a platonic friendship. Would that word satisfy you enough than "doesn't reciprocate his feelings"?KazeKitsune (talk) 08:38, March 17, 2012 (UTC)

That's the problem. Some of your ideas are based on your speculations, and we can't just put the info based on only your opinions. Remember that love can take on any level, be it from friendship to romance to obsession. Neither Naruto or Sakura had a serious relationship and it is mostly platonic, they care for each other as friends and team-mates (I can even see them as a big sister, little brother kind of way). We, the viewers, can see that, but the characters themselves don't see ALL the things like we do. Characters like Sai and Yamato, made their best guesses, but that's based on their speculations. Sai was new to the whole emotions thing, and Yamato only met Naruto and Sakura for only a short time, when first introduced. The feeding thing was because it couldn't be helped and the hug thing back at the Pain arc was she was so relieved that her friend was alright, again nothing romantic.KazeKitsune (talk) 09:07, March 17, 2012 (UTC)

Naruto knows that Sakura has solid feelings for Sasuke, and promises her to bring him back. If she's happy, he's happy for her. That's what friends do. Sai most likely misinterperated his words as a romantic love than platonic, for he doesn't know the promise he made to her or knows what he knows. Say what you want, she still doesn't return ANY kind of romantic feelings to Naruto!

One more thing... Don't you ever EVER look down on Hinata! She is the sweetest, kindest, understanding, beautiful badass female character in the series and my favorite alongside Naruto. Her love for Naruto is NEVER obsessive or illogical, for she truly knew Naruto more than anybody else, even Sakura. Hinata never hated him and the series showed us more positive character development between them a lot more than Naruto and Sakura. It's quality over quantity. Hinata's confession to him was true to her heart, but Sakura's wasn't, which brings a big dent. Hinata never used Naruto as a crutch and he inspired her to never give up and become stronger, even while he was gone for almost three years. She is everything that Naruto could ever wanted in his whole life, and for that, she truly deserves Naruto, and vice versa.

So please, for the love of God, just go with it and wait till the manga could show us once and for all! I'm tired of this! TT_TT KazeKitsune (talk) 10:28, March 17, 2012 (UTC)

Ok but how do I get to him?(you're a pro at this stuff.) --K.Hatake (talk) 12:26, March 17, 2012 (UTC)

Don't worry I just found it. --K.Hatake (talk) 12:26, March 17, 2012 (UTC)

Re: Unsure

Thing is, in my opinion, there's nothing that has to be done to their personality section, in regards to their relationship. Having just read the two, they cover how their relationship has changed over the series, pointing out the big, representative events (promise to bring Sasuke back, confession during Kage Summit Arc, etc), mentioning how some other characters perceive it, and overall making a great job of simply saying things as they are. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 15:00, March 17, 2012 (UTC)

We only add stuff from canon about relationships. So, IMV the perfect and simple answer is to wait for the new manga to come out and then see if their relationship is official. Until then, adding fan relationship edits will be reverted. -White Flash-(Talk)- 15:01, March 17, 2012 (UTC)

To get an account on the NEW NaruSaku debate thread all you have to do is go to the thing that says login and click on it and go to the part that says register.If you don't want to make an account or can't find where to go.Go onto mine. User:Kyuzo Hatake Pass:Kakashi --K.Hatake (talk) 01:59, March 18, 2012 (UTC)

Which sentence would that be? Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 17:33, March 18, 2012 (UTC)

I don't really see what's wrong with that statement. Naruto does have for Sakura feelings that are deeper than the feelings she has for him. Naruto has always had romantic feelings for Sakura, and while Sakura has grown to like Naruto as a friend and as a team-mate, she doesn't have romantic feelings towards him. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 00:09, March 21, 2012 (UTC)

We might be able to do it on NaruSaku debate thread.But they seem pretty tough on debates, even if the person wants to.

-- (talk) 05:13, March 21, 2012 (UTC)

Look up Kyuzo Hatake on google.It has the Naruto photo's I put on google + on google + and someone put them on picasus.And it also has my google + account,my gmail account and my Narutopedia account.

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Thing is to me, it seems like Naruto's life is a 16-year old hurriance of chaos, misery and despair. He has been nearly killed almost everyday since the moment he was born, way before becoming a ninja, which is already a life being shadowed constantly by death, which i think only amplified the curse of chaos that haunts him to possibly unbelievable levels. I thinks what makes him so cool, that despite the fact that his life is perpetual nightmare he still manage to stand his ground. I believe the true key to his success in life is his unstoppable will to love. I mean he was born of a powerful bond of love between two great villages: Konoha and Uzshio, who have a particularly strong bond that surpass their own borders, which is his source of power: his unstoppable and unbounded will to love that surpasses all odds and create bonds of love that surpasses all odds. I believe it also why he was so weak at the beginning, because he didn't have enough love to power himself and once he found some he exploded to amazing levels of power. I feel that it is also the very affinity of his life-force, what helps him stay alive, almost literally from the looks of it. It looked like the reason he was barely able to get by and stay alive literally with almost the entire village hating him was because of his parents' strong love for him, which he was not even aware of, which only weaken it until it regain it full power with his meeting with them, so its practically his very being, his life-support. His will to love is like the sun, which is why I feel that why he is able to get thorough to anyone, because he helps give their dark world-views a sunrise, which is why i would be surprised if he was some sort of ninja of the sun. I also feel that this is why he needs to find a girl who would never under any circumstance or bullshit reason take his ability to love as a joke and instead see it as a serious reason to be in love with him. Thing is I am a naruhina fan, i mean Sakura is okay as a friend but I don't see her as someone who is willing to take his life affinity seriously enough to be with him as a lover. Hinata on the other hand, it looks to me that she is serious about being with him, cause it looks to me that her life also depends on his will to love, which is why I feel that it is their destiny to be together, because in her own special way help support his power, like before his match with Neji, during his fight with Pain, even vouching for him when others was suspicious of him during the war, I really don't think that those are coincidence either. She couldn't even forget him during his three year training period. In fact i feel that she was the whole reason he was able to meet his parents, i repeat i do not think that was just a coincidence. Anyway what do you think of any of this? The shipping part isn't my main concern. Justin Holland (talk) 21:05, January 22, 2013 (UTC)

Come At Me

Alright, I'm new to the whole Naruto scene but I have a few things to say. First of all, Naruto/Sakura doesn't really have a working thing. The things I've seen, Naruto has been slowly getting over Sakura. Well, I shouldn't get ahead of myself. Let's just analyze the dynamics of what each relationship would be. Starting with Hinata and Naruto, yes Naruto's personality would beat out Hinata, but I feel like if they were 'official' e.g. Hinata isn't worried about doing something wrong to mess up a date. She'd totally slap him if he were out of line, or just giggle when he gets worked up. He'd calm down. shif is done. Of course, that would get old after about the second time we see it. Looking at Sakura, there's too much negative history for a full fledge relationship to work. She gets sad, Naruto wonders if he can live up to Sasuke's memory. That kind of shif would haunt their relationship. Also, there is no downing between them, they would just keep arguing over each other; that's their personalities.

Now, looking at the archtypes of past, and looking at the show; assuming that they end up pairing naruto with one of these girls, it presents a counter-intuitive theme of failing first love and getting first love. It simply does not happen in literary works, manga to novels, movie scripts to whatever. They would want to keep a theme. hinata gets over naruto, naruto gets over sakura, sakura gets over sasuke. See the way a theme works? Now, assuming that happens, I think a more plausible solution would be for naruto to meet a new girl. YEP. I said it. This shif between these too runs too deep. Sorry, I know you're all going to hate me for it, but I predict this will happen. I would hope that it happens like some girl meets him, they don't really like each other at first, feelings grow, they say goodbye (assuming it was a mission they met on or something) and she kisses him. w/e. then hundreds of fillers and a few eps later, sakura kisses him, almost out of pity, not over the top romantic, but for some reason, she wanted too. Kiss doesn't live up to the other one. Naruto realizes that he doesn't love her anymore, misses the other girl, and then searches for her, probably filled with some complicated arc finding out she's mildly important (but not like a princess or anything) to some people, and they're looking for her, he finds her, she says she can take care of herself, she can. idk.

point being, new girl would have unlimited opportunity in the show, and there are only so few events that would lead up to a relationship forming between any of these two girls with naruto, I'm sorry, but after all the history between all of them, a relationship would be too complicated, it would feel fake, forged, out of character if they wrote naruto and sakura together for more than a few eps. and naruto/hinata would not be satisfying in addition to personality differences that would take over the plot of the show.

feel free to argue with me, I have many more points but can't think of them all, and would love to crush some of this senseless shipping.

-- (talk) 18:05, May 10, 2013 (UTC)

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