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RE: Steel

Haha thanks for reading my theory. I do know about elecrolysis, but I ended up not putting that on there because I forgot about it, and I was thinking more about chakra. You see, Advanced Natures such as Storm, Boil, and Dust have effects that are much different from what their effects are, as the names are only symbolic. It kinda works like this:

  • In naming, only the names of the components are considered, to make a new idea. e.g. Lightning+Water=Storm(charged cloud, rain, and lightning), Water+Fire=Boil(heat added to water for evaporation), Earth+Wind=Dust(erosion, tinier particles carried away by wind)
  • In effect, only the chakra nature and properties (behaviour, characteristics, etc.) are counted. In Nature Transformation, some aspect of chakra is changed to convert it into an element (In Lightning, its vibration frequencies are increased, and in Fire, its temperature and burning effect is increased). So, a correct translation would be "simultaneous transformation" rather than "combination". Think of it like making something that's two elements at once. Symbolically, Storm is "liquid lightning", Boil is "burning water", and Dust is "solid cutting air", which forms bending lasers, acid vapour, and pulvurizing force, respectively.

Somewhere in my theory, I think I mentioned (or should mention) these two aspects, and for Steel it would be:

  • Name origin: Like you reminded me, elecrolysis. The process of an electrolytic cell would refine the Earth with Lightning, forming Steel.
  • Effect origin: This is the thing I was talking about in my theory. Earth chakra involves density increase and composition conversion, and Lightning chakra involves vibration and electricity. I thought this would form some sort of advanced vibrating, solid, chakra. Seeing how many shinobi use Chakra Flow of Lightning to make steel weapons vibrate, and therefore increase in cutting efficiency, gave me the "vibrating steel" idea. It is also nice to note in Naruto, Lightning defeats Earth because Lightning users maintain control over their Lightning, and therefore it can't be grounded - it is rather more helpful to the Lightning user, who can focus in and channel it through the Earth to destroy its form. The Earth conducts it, but can't spread it over the earth into unnoticeable amounts.

So, at this moment, I'm more focusing on the effects of the natures. I was thinking more "Increased Density + Increased Vibration" rather than "Earth+Lightning". And I'm a kind of guy who likes to guess multiple things at once to have a higher chance of being "correct" XD. Anyway, thanks for reminding me, I will put the Name-and-Effect aligning thing when I get the time. --GoDai (talk) 03:03, November 17, 2010 (UTC)

Oh yeah I forgot to point something out. Because Kishimoto has stated himself that he isn't good at physics, scientific things do support these things, but science isn't the core, due to his lack of knowledge in the subject. Obviously, combining Water and Lightning doesn't normally give us bright electric beams (referred to as "lasers") that flow and bend. So, who knows. He might decide Earth and Lightning combined is "electricity in brick form" XD. --GoDai (talk) 00:35, November 22, 2010 (UTC)

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