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Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Omnibender (Talk) 01:32, 7 October 2011

I finally found another NaruSaku fan! Its about time. I was starting to get the impression that this site was overrrun by SasuSaku and NaruHina fans. I agree what you said about Sakura. She's one of my favorite characters(better than Hinata that's for sure). I'd love to talk more about NaruSaku and compare theories. I'm social by nature, so you can just leave more messages on my talk if you want too. I would like to know more about your opinions. Romance Girl (talk) 08:44, October 7, 2011 (UTC)Romance Girl

The thing about NaruHina fans is that I try to be reasonable and show them logic on NaruSaku, but everytime they hear my points they COMPLETELY DENY THE TRUTH. I have little patientance by nature, so I am quick to get rude with them and frustrated. They make no sense to me. So that's why I try to stay away from the more crazy NH fans. I like Hinata, but I sometimes come off as hating her, and that's only because her fans love her way too much(its insane really). Last time I checked, the series is called Naruto, not Hinata. I really can not see those two together, for the life of me. I agree with what you said about why NH bash us. Do they doubt their pairing so much that they have to be so hateful towards us? I feel kind of sorry for them. I have almost no doubts about NS, but they have plenty. Another thing that annoys me is that they say Sakura is always violent to Naruto and she doesn't deserve him. Sakura isn't that bad, and when she does hit him, he usually deserves it(Naruto doesn't seem to mind). I also wish that they would stop hating her so much. Sakura isn't the same immature brat she was in Part 1, she grew up and is a very kind person. I wish they could see that. I must have to say though, I am surprised you're a former SasuSaku shipper. I always found it annoying, since Sasuke was usually a jerk and Sakura wasn't herself at all(She would actually take his insults without clocking him!). I found Sakura's confession touching, and I actually admire her more after that, unlike other people. And no worries. I'm just as much of a rambler on NaruSaku as you are. I don't mind it and its actually good to talk to someone who thinks like me. Romance Girl (talk) 21:58, October 7, 2011 (UTC)Roamnce Girl

You know, I can understand that everyone has their own opinion on things, but I just wish NaruHina fans can at least admit in the logic in what we say. I know I'm an open-minded person. So many people flat out say that the whole confession was a lie. What do they know? Sakura would never lie about loving someone to their face, especially if that person loves her. She's not a cruel person like that. To me, that was the most selfess confession she ever did. The Sasuke one was very selfish and demeaning. And then when Sai said Sakura loves Sasuke still, so many people take that seriously. Which doesn't make sense, since thats Sai. He is a retard when it comes to social things, and I'm mad that he claimed she loved him without her opinion if that's true. But then Sai basically said Sakura loves Naruto. He supported what she said. He believes it. As for Naruto's reaction, I can sort of understand it. He always thought she only ever love Sasuke and refused to ever get his hopes up(Poor Naruto). So that was almost unreal to him. But then again, she did show hints of returning his feelings but Naruto didn't realize it or denied it. He missed all her signals but hey , he's Naruto, so what can you do? I don't really know what she feels for Sasuke. She might still have affection for him, but if that's true, she's not proud of it. Sakura is very, very confused with her feelings at the moment, but she'll sort it out sometime soon, hopefully. The point is, whatever she feels for Sasuke, she loves Naruto more and he's very dear to her now. I just hope Naruto finally catches on soon. And when that day comes, I"ll be very happy. Romance Girl (talk) 22:53, October 7, 2011 (UTC)Romance Girl

Its okay if you're off-topic. We don't have to only talk about the pairings. Your ideas are really interesting, too. I agree with what you said about Sakura getting a new jutsu. In every chapter, Sasuke and Naruto always seem to get stronger while Sakura is still the same. It makes me mad that Kishimoto is abandoning her next to those two. She has potential and I want her to get even stronger than Tsunade. Maybe she can learn a summoning jutsu? Both Sasuke and Naruto know how to do that and its not fair that she doesn`t. Out of curiousity, what are your thoughts on Sasuke? Do think he should die or still be living at the end? Romance Girl (talk) 02:13, October 8, 2011 (UTC)Romance Girl

I pretty much think the same. While I see him as a total asshole at the moment and definitely like to talk about how stupid he is, I still pity him and I don't think he should die. Just get beat up severely by Naruto or anyone else cause thats what he deserves. I love the Team 7 bond too much for him to ever really die. So, I guess I could say I miss the 'old Sasuke'( You know, the one who was still sorta good and at least half decent.)Anyways, in a fight, I believe Naruto would overpower both Sasuke and Sakura. And Sakura against Hinata, that would be a close fight. But I think Sakura would win, only because she's really good at avoiding attacks and wouldn't get hit by the gentle fist easily. Plus the super strength helps ^_^. Romance Girl (talk) 02:42, October 8, 2011 (UTC)Romance Girl

I don't think the Zetsu's main focus is Sakura, but it would certainly be interesting if she did get kidnapped(You know. to see Naruto's reaction) . I really think they just hate the medical division. As for the war, for me its like 50-50. I like the war but its just really long and really want to see Sasuke and Naruto fight again. Their fights are always sad and emotional, but it would be a very awesome fight. Besides, we have seen very little of Sasuke lately and after we saw his new eyes(that is just wrong), it makes me wonder what he's doing. Romance Girl (talk) 04:17, October 8, 2011 (UTC)Romance Girl

To be honest, I don't really want Sasuke to kill more people. If he did, he would never be able to return to the village which is something I still want. Yeah, he should focus more on Sakura's skill. I don't like how he's not showing us her getting stronger. He always makes the female characters so much more weaker than the guys. Romance Girl (talk) 00:44, October 9, 2011 (UTC)Romance Girl

Thats annoying when they say that. Most of them hate her for such bad reasons. I bet most NH fans hate her because she's a threat to NaruHina. As for that scene, NH fans always want everything to support their pairing and they take everything as evidence(Pretty desperate if you ask me). Most of the NH moments are really just Hinata moments. And how can they say the NS reunion was platonic! Naruto actually ask(and I quote) " Are you alright, Sakura-Chan?. That's more than what they got! Romance Girl (talk) 09:09, October 9, 2011 (UTC)Romance Girl

I read that chapter actually. Believe me, I never thought that wasn't Madara. I was so suprised, I was literally staring at the words for like two full minutes. Some shock that was. And I also saw that moment with Hinata and Naruto, but I think you're worrying a little too much. In my point of view, it wasn't a true NH moment, more a Hinata moment. Besides, Naruto doesn't love her remember? It was a one-sided romantic moment. I took it as Naruto friendly encouraging her and silently thanking her for caring and saving him from Pain but in his own way, hinting he doesn't return her feelings past friendship. As for "you can tell from his eyes", I don't know what to think about that one but I do know it won't affect us.

I think the NaruHina fanbase are overreacting(by a lot), don't you ? Wow, one "moment" since over 100 chapters and they're like shouting "CANON!" (I'm assuming that's what there doing, right?). NaruSaku is still in the lead and while the moments have been sparse lately(I'd be lying if I said that didn't bother me), I'm sure there will be a good, romantic moment coming soon(after the Madara thing). I'm still pretty confident in our pairing^_^. Not worried very much at all. Romance Girl (talk) 00:04, November 2, 2011 (UTC)Romance Girl

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