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Greetings and welcome to Narutopedia. We do hope that you will stay for a long time. Enjoy your stay as we work to become the best Naruto info site out there. BELIVE IT! -The Greeting Team

Thanks for registering and contributing to the wiki. But could you please give at least the sources of where you got the images you uploaded. As per Forum:Image Uploads, if they do not get proper licensing tags placed on them in the future they will be deleted because we cannot legaly keep them otherwise. Dantman (Talk) 00:31, 5 March 2007 (UTC)

7 images is enough. None of them have proper information which would allow them to have proper copyright info placed on them. If they don't have the proper info given to them, then they will be deleted. Which means that instead of helping the wiki you are actualy causing the community to have issues and do extra work. You should be getting a big (You have messages on the Nauruto Wiki) message on nearly every page you go to because your talk page has been edited. That means that you are aware of these message. If you upload more than 10 images which I will most likely half to take extra time to delete, I will half to temporarily block you to get your attention and get you to stop negatively contributing to the wiki. Your help has been noted and we thank you, but making repeat negative contributions cannot be ignored. Dantman (Talk) 00:50, 5 March 2007 (UTC)

You've uploaded over 30 Images, added animated images which distract from article content, added foreign language content into a english article, and made piles of work for us to cleanup. Because you did not listen to my warnings I am giving you a 2 week block to think over why you have been trying to ruin the wiki. Dantman (Talk) 23:04, 5 March 2007 (UTC)

I'm sure he was only trying to help and yes the animated ones are very distracting...I spent a long time just stairing at a pickture of Asuma using his trench/knuckle knives. LoneWolf 5 20:53, 6 March 2007 (UTC)LoneWolf 5
Yes, but he was both asked nicely, and warned to stop uploading those images to the wiki and he didn't refrain. He still has the ability to reply on this talk page only, and if he agrees to stop then the block may be lifted. But the thing is that if you edit someone's talk page, they get a big message telling them that someone has left them a message. That means that he knew of my warning to stop uploading images because it was damaging the wiki, and he still uploaded 25 images after the warning to stop. He's also added content without attribution which allong with the images is just adding more illegal content to the wiki. I asked on the wikia forums and the response I made of blocking him, warning him, deleting the images, and reverting his edits was a justified normal response to this kind of action. Dantman (Talk) 01:26, 7 March 2007 (UTC)

Wikipedia Articles & More Images

Ovan, I unblocked you because you stated that you wouldn't add anymore illegal images the way you have been. But you are back to adding them. Again, please stop. They are not tagged right and are just adding more illegal content here. Also, you've been copying content from Wikipedia in the wrong way. When you copied them they lost their formatting because you did it wrong and you also did it without attributing it, which breaks the terms of the GFDL which allows us to copy from wikipedia. Please read over How to copy from Wikipedia for more information on that. And Anime:Help:Contents for more information on editing. Dantman (Talk) 16:46, 8 March 2007 (UTC)

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