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Recommendations and Questions

Hey, Omnibender. Wow, a lot of things happened while I was gone, huh? Has ShounenSuki taken a permanent break? :/ Anyway, as I've probably already said before, I've been... busier than usual. I'm up to date on recent chapters though.

I was just looking over this page and was satisfied to see how it's grown. A marvelous piece of work. In my overview, I came up with some questions and recommendations:

  • For your "Proposed combinations table" and "Three elements" sections, you might want to add an extra column for "Effects" or "Functions" and throw the expected jutsu descriptions in there instead of in the "Reasoning" column. I believe it'll give the readers a better idea of what you mean by the nature (like how you answered questions in the talk page about what you imagine the natures would do), and maybe a few expected effects (Gas could be explosive, Star would be plasma-based, Sky is an energy of some sort, etc.). You might want to check out:
  • If the following two have been decided, I think you should at least mark their spots to let people know that you're really just looking for the other two :P I understand that you were looking for the right term, but yeah.
    • Water + Lightning + Yin = Umishiru's idea of malfunction?
    • Earth + Lightning + Yin = Welding?
  • My latest candidates for missing spots:
    • I suggested Water + Lightning + Yang = Something like Fuwa Fuwa no Mi or Ope Ope no Mi (I suggested the second one some while ago). Interestingly, the latter fruit also appears to grant the user a seemingly unrelated electric shock-like ability. Overall, I don't think this nature touches too closely to Space-Time Ninjutsu. A space/force/telekinesis-sort of thing. I honestly this is the strongest connection yet.
    • I did suggest Earth + Lightning + Yang = Friction, but I myself am not too sure about what it'd really be, exactly. I did write up a description some while ago, though.
  • Questions:
    • Glass Release would sorta control Glass between fluid and solid states to shape it, yes?
    • You probably already answered this, but Gas is prohibited from generating certain gases such as Smoke?
    • Is there a particular reason why Lightning is needed as energy for Implosion?
    • I understand Rust is more related to decay, but does it completely rule out actual rust? Or does it rust metals and decay organic material accordingly?
    • I get how petroleum and coal are different substances, but is that really necessary? Perhaps you could emphasize the difference in the "Effects" column :)

Thanks so much, and don't rush on getting back to me. Loving how far you've gotten. --GoDai (talk) 09:52, November 3, 2012 (UTC)

Yeah, ShounenSuki sort of gave up on the series. An effects/functions might work, though I think that would only be actually necessary in the releases whose effects aren't obvious by the name or the reasoning behind the formation. I've decided on the malfunctioning and welding ideas, but I still haven't found the translations. I've left a topic in ShounenSuki's talk page back when he was still active, but I never heard back from that topic. I'll probably ask Seelentau. I recall I wanted to know something about a specific way of writing welding, and something about terms for malfunction/disruption. I'll have to read up on those One Piece suggestions later, given I don't follow that series. I never gave it much thought about the fluid phase of glass. Maybe the glass could be spit either in the fluid state, hardening and sharpening as it flies, or be spit as a solid and sharp shard already. Smoke is the air plus the solid particles of the burning fuel. I always saw gas as either flammable gases, poisonous gases. For example, putting out a lot of carbon monoxide around the opponent. I was suggested lightning for Implosion by making use of the vibration aspect of it, which would be used to make the target less stable. Rust isn't ruled out. I sort of see it as the decaying agent being rust itself. As such, there would kinda be both rust and the natural decaying in organic matter. In a rather simplified way, I always saw Petroleum and Coal as flammable versions of Water and Earth Release. I can probably think of some neater effects. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 17:11, November 4, 2012 (UTC)

Four-part elemental combinations?

Hey Omnibender, have you ever considered the possibilities of four-part combinations? I am trying to make a list of the possible four-part combinations, and here's my ideas so far:

Water + Earth + Fire + Air = Ether Ether, in ancient Greek culture, is the combination of the four elements (Water, Earth, Fire, and Air). It is meant to be some kind of matter that made up space.

Water + Earth + Fire + Lightning = Concrete Firstly, Water, Earth, and Fire would make some kind of tar, or other sticky substance. Lightning would solidify it, thus making a material such as concrete.

I hope you like my idea. I am currently trying to think up combinations for Water, Earth, Fire, and Yin or Yang. I would greatly appreciate your advice on this matter. (talk) 20:28, November 3, 2012 (UTC)

No, I haven't. I don't think it's necessary to try making such complex combos. The only reason I even bothered making three element combinations is because the series itself introduced them. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 17:11, November 4, 2012 (UTC)

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