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January 25, 2011

Hello N 21, greetings and welcome to the Narutopedia! Thanks for your edit to the Talk:A page.

We do hope that you will stay for a long time. Enjoy your stay as we work to become the best Naruto info site out there. BELIEVE IT!

If you're looking for something to do why not look over the Forums or more specifically Narutopedia Collaboration for a list of projects we're working on. And the Community portal has a lot of recent discussions and places to go listed on it.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- TheUltimate3 (Talk) 15:53, January 25, 2011

Re: Talk page

If you're going to message someone please make sure it's on their talk page and not their profile page friend lol. For ease of access just click "talk" right beside the person's name.→ --Cerez (talk) 17:14, February 13, 2011 (UTC)

Kage bodyguards

About that, you might want to check this. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 22:50, February 15, 2011 (UTC)

Re:About Naruto's Jinchuuriki forms

Killer Bee has two versions with

  • Version 1. he used his own chakra and forms the cloak that you've seen Naruto use.
  • Version 2 now is when he uses the Hachibi's chakra but still remains in a humanoid form so he essentially a mini Eight Tails.

Naruto tried to do this but turned into a chibi fox because although he's conquered the Kyūbi they're still not on friendly terms like Bee is with the Hachibi which you need. So Naruto can't use "version 2." Instead he just uses that uses the Kyūbi chakra. I hope i helped. --Cerez☺ (talk) 12:11, February 18, 2011 (UTC)

Another possible answer could be this. One difference between names is also because Naruto various tailed forms have never been officialy named. Bee on the other hand have named his transformations and thus we also name the sections in the article as such. --Gojita (talk) 00:57, March 23, 2011 (UTC)Gojita
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