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Re:Uzumaki Mask Temple

It may be quite strange, but on beginning of chapter 616 we saw them arriving to Konoha.--LeafShinobi (talk) 20:00, February 1, 2013 (UTC)

Why would it be strange though? They had ties with the Senju-led village. It could be a case where they regularly travelled there when Uzu was still around and did their thing. The possibility also exists that several Uzumaki once settled in the village or even that the temple was erected after they fled their home to preserve some of their artefacts. There's nothing odd with it being there because there could be 100 answers as to why, what would be weird would be a gorup of people who can't use Space-Time Ninjutsu arriving at a destroyed village, and back to Konoha in the space of 2 pages.--Cerez365Hyūga Symbol(talk) 08:42, February 2, 2013 (UTC)

1.Uzushiogakure-"Village Hidden by Whirling Tides" And Title of 616 and 617 was Whirling and enduring. 2.The City Behind Taka team backs looks destroyed and abandoned like Uzushiogakure. 3.When Naruto used Torii Seal To imprison Kurama Torii Seal was the same as the sign above the entrance Behind Orochimaru,Sasuke and his team. Csfranklin (talk) 16:25, February 2, 2013 (UTC)

Talk:Senju Clan off-topic

"Lol, I would like to bring to your attention that you're very wrong, Phenotypes are what makes up a genotype, two of which makes a complete genotype." "You realize Phenotypes are part of Genotypes which makes it up... Like I've been saying, the genotype is Autosomal recessive because the PHENOTYPES are inherited that way" "Omibender idk where you learnt that at but you're clearly wrong, the genotype is back up of two Phenotypes and anything else you would say is completely wrong. You could looked it up anywhere and you will discover that the genotype is made up of two phenotype." "Phenotypes are what makes the Genotypes. Idiot, go back to Highschool" "He was wrong in what Phenotypes were and he tried supporting his false information by links which further proved me to be right." "Sorry the whole discussion I just don't take kindly to people claiming the facts I speak, in this case Phenotyoed being what makes up Genotypes, are wrong."

These are the wild claims you made in Talk:Senju Clan, which were completely wrong. Instead of posting in there and causing more off-topic discussions, I brought it here. In the latest post, to me, you stated you were saying what I have outlined yet the above contradicts that final statement. I may be mistaken, and forigve me if I am, but I believe you said you were not fluent in English; perhaps that may be the cause for the confusion in your words, but regardless -- your assertions were incorrect. Furthermore, your statement concluded with "The Phenotypes A and a." which is also incorrect.The A and a are alleles, not phenotype. -- (talk) 06:31, March 28, 2013 (UTC)

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