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I believe that Tobi was created by orochimaru the same way that Yamato was created using cells from the FIRST. HE was not exactly created but modified just like Danzo. Because of this expriment Kabuto gained access to Madara cells which he used for edo summoning.Which enabled him to use all the Jutsus of the Uchiha clan. HE can also be Sauske father since he was no where to be found near his mom the night she was giving Birth, which was the same night the Fox attacked. We also know that he was planning a attempted coup Cause he asked Itachi to play a part in it. He was the only living member of the Uchiha clan that was disgruntled with Sarutobi method of governing the Hidden Leaf. He has a stockpile of sharingans which could have been collected the night he massacred his clan with itachi. He also hid his face to conceal his identity which means he is well known and can be easily identified.To know of Nagato's existance he had to lived in the same era with him and then died( there is no other way). Nothing Tobi says can be taken seriously since he lied to Sasuke and left him entirely twisted.Remember Yamato knew nothing of Orochimaru experiment becaused he grow up as a normal child.

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