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August 25, 2011
  • I live in World of Pyrus/New Domino city/Leaf village/Pallet Town/third earth
  • My occupation is pyrus brawler/duelist/Leaf Ninja/soul reaper/Pokemon Master/thundercat
  • I am Male
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I am a True Naruto to some people it is very funny i am basically like naruto and have his never give up attitude. <- SICK FAN ART TRI-ATTACK FROM CH.551

My Blog

I feel Itachi is right about Naruto being powerful to face Sausake now, but how will the nine tail mode hold up against sausake's new eternal mangekyo sharingan? how crazy is that i seriously hope naruto like has some way of beating sausake but naruto sucks at genjutsu so how will he beat Sausake.... well i guess we have to see the manga i guess to find out when it comes. but seriously i dont know what he is going to do

Zmanstardust (talk) 21:42, August 25, 2011 (UTC)

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