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November 26, 2010

I wanted to edit my profile, so here it is, my profile is Yamato Takeru, I take interest in many stuff like art, studying languages by myself, I'm so good in learning to speak foren languages, that I have alone at age of 13 learned to speak German, by just watching German Tv, I'm also familiar with Spanish,Japanese, Italian,little of Duch, Russian and Latinish but my writing is on smaller level, I have interest in History, especially Napoleon wars, that is conected with my interest for 1 72 scale miniatures soldiers that I like to colect and paint...I'm on Narutopedia since 2010, but I know for it since 2008....I take big pride in my origins, since my great grandfather fought in WW2 against the Nazi...My second great grandfather fought in WW1, on side of ANTANTA...I do not take many interest in editing Narutopedia, and my progress is slow here, because I don't like to sit all day on internet, I like to wlak...I like Kishimoto sensei, because his story is interesting, and some of characters are good, he reminds me on me, how he describe his youth and love life, but what I don't like bout him is fact that he is obsessed with some charcater more than the others, when that other characters can produce better story...I don't take interest in acting as if I'm Japanese, and calling somebody sempai or kun, because many people just pretend to like Japan, while they don't...I like Japanse people because they are hard working, and their mangas are better than those stupid DC superheros comics...Beside Naruto, I don't take much interest in any specific manga or anime, so I'm Naruto fan, not manga, or anime fan...When I'm sleeping my family has noticed that I'm sleep talking some kind of Gremanic language similar to Duch or Norski(maybe something from past life)...As for music I like Vangelis since he is one of few artists not gone into scandals, and not taking any vice...I also admire Pink Floyd, Nik Kershaw and Queen... As for philosophy I strongly hold that everything even Naruto manga should be done in RIGHT way, not in popular or traditional way...So my philosophy is do it what is RIGHT NOT what other espect you to do, or something what is popular...So we don't read Naruto because it is a Japanese manga and because Japan is popular today, weread Naruto because we like Naruto manga and anime for story, not because its Japanese or because its manga, and because other like it, but because I like it...

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