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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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Phew... Okay... taking a break from giving my opinions of the Naruto series on the forums. Will contribute to the wiki more and try to refrain from giving my opinions of the Naruto series there.
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That is my signature. You may see it a lot on the wiki. Hover your cursor on it and see what you get.

Eye of Rikudō

Eye of Rikudō, symbolizing Hagoromo when he used COAT, has six tomoe...

Rinnegan Sasuke

Sasuke's Rinnegan, with six tomoe like the Eye of Rikudō from the Sage of Six Paths, with the Rinnegan allowing the use and possession of all six types of nature transformations.

See the connection (Six)? No? ಠ_ಠ

I'm a rollback for the wiki and a moderator for both the forums and the chat, and in being so I will provide some guidelines for both below.

First of all, the chat:

In the chat, if there are any offenders, they will be warned a maximum of two times before being kicked out of the chat. If a user still decides to offend or violate, then they will be banned from the chat in this accordance: 3 days -> 1 week -> 1 month -> 6 months and finally, 1 year/indefinitely. Please, try not to be rude in the chat, for everyone is entitled to their opinion, and just because someone disagrees with another's opinion, that is no reason to be insulting or condescending. Use common sense. Also, if you want to know how to use emoticons in the chat, click here. Also no pyramind quoting! This is why. It's disruptive.

And for the forums:

I will still be aware of what goes on in the forums. I will moderate and edit what happens there as well, such as bad posts, violations, arguing, etc., comment on the forum discussion if it strays off-topic, offer help to others who need it, and only give my input in the forums for wiki decisions.

And to further clarify on fighting in the forums:

There are many users who comment on the forums more than make contributions to the wiki. To those users, that's fine by me, and I understand that those users have strong opinions, so please, try to take preventative measures from flame wars in the forums. If I see fighting, I will warn that user once, and after the second warning, I will proceed to remove posts. If users constantly decide to restore the posts I remove, I will proceed to close the discussion. If said user becomes the reason why I close multiple threads, they will be reported to the forum operator or a sysop.

Any unnecessary things in the wiki, forums, or chat will be edited and/or reported on sight!

Take a look at the Chat and Forum policies for more clarity and elaboration. Thank you for your time.

Warning Templates:

Deletion: {{Delete|quick|pre|reason}}
Unsigned: {{subst:NoSign}}
Forum: {{subst:ForumWarn|warn|policy|message}}
Double Posting: {{DP}}
Pyramid Quoting: {{PQ}}

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