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I'm a brazilian boy born july 23. My favorite NARUTO chars are: 10th Lee, 9th Neji, 8th Mei Terumī, 7th Jiraiya, 6th Sasuke Uchiha , 5th Deidara, 4th Kakashi, 3rd Itachi, 2nd Minato , and 1st... TOBI!!!!!!!!!(He's a bad boy)

My favorite DragonBall chars are: 10th Krillin, 9th Bulma, 8th Gotenks, 7th Vegetto, 6th Janemba Final Form, 5th Omega Shenron, 4th Goku, 3rd Gohan, 2nd Vegeta, and 1st of course is... MASTER ROSHI(DB pervy sage)

My favorite Jutsu are: 3rd Kirin, 2nd Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique, and 1st is Sage Art: Great Ball Rasengan.(True Ultimate non-elemental Rasengan)

My favorite DragonBall Techniques are : 3rd Kame-hame-ha, 2nd Mafuba and 1st is Special Beam Cannon(Demon Impaling Energy Gun)

Nature theories

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