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The following are the ninjas in the Naruto series who can fly continuously using a jutsu for propulsion (without using a summoned animal) by order of appearance:

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Hoshigakure shinobi

They use the Mysterious Peacock Method: Wings technique to achieve flight.


He flies using his sand as a carrier and can also use it to carry other people/objects.


He flies by using his explosive clay to create large birds.


He uses his Super Beast Imitating Drawing technique to create large flying birds. He uses this a lot for reconnaissance.


Her ability to fly is associated with her ability to transform herself into paper. She uses this ability while fighting the fake Madara whose inability to fly almost spells his defeat despite his otherwise superior abilities.


He can fly by using Tendō Pain's Shinra Tensei slowly in order to generate lift. He has been seen using this only once using Yahiko's body.


They can fly using their Flight Technique and can also enable others to fly by touching them. It may be related to the Earth Release: Super Light-Weight Rock Technique and the Dust Release.

Being the jinchūriki of Chomei, she can fly by partially or fully transforming.

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