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Hey there, I'm '''UltimateSupreme'''. I'm a fan of the [[Naruto series]] since 2006. If you have any questions, talk to me on [[User talk:UltimateSupreme|my talk page]]. Following box gives a little information about me.
==My Work==
I am an all-round editor here. I generally wander, read and edit these [[Special:Allpages|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} articles]] and [[Special:Newimages|{{NUMBEROFFILES}} images]]. Following are some of my contributions
===My images===
I have added a number of images to the wiki. You can see them [[User:Salil dabholkar/My images|here]].
My <big>Most Favourite Page</big> is [[Special:Random|this]].
I like something about the following pages therefore I watch them more closely then others. If you vandalize them I hate you more. These are off the top of my head.
{| class="wikitable collapsible collapsed" border="2" cellspacing="0"
! Name !! Affilations
![[Minato Namikaze]], [[Hashirama]], [[Tobirama]]
||{{User Editcount}}
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]] [[File:Senju Symbol.svg|20px]]
||{{User Anime|4|Naruto}}
! [[Tōka Senju]]
||{{User Anime|4|Death Note}}
||[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]] [[File:Senju Symbol.svg|20px]]
||{{User Series/Death Note/Note|has|vandal}}
! [[Nawaki]]
||{{User Anime|4|Code Geass}}
||[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]] [[File:Senju Symbol.svg|20px]]
||{{User Anime|4|Psycho-Pass}}
! [[Mito Uzumaki]]
||{{User Anime|3|Fate/Zero}}
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]] [[File:Uzushiogakure Symbol.svg|20px]][[File:Uzumaki Symbol.svg|20px]]
||{{User Anime|4|Fate/Stay Night}}
! [[Senju Clan Ancestor]]
||{{User Anime|3|Kaiji}}
||{{User Anime|3|Future Diary}}
! [[Uchiha Clan Ancestor]]
||{{User Anime|4|Avatar: The Last Airbender}}
||[[File:Dōjutsu Uchiha Ancestor.svg|20px]]
||{{User Anime|4|Avatar: The Legend of Korra}}
! [[Hikaku]], [[Izuna]], [[Kagami]], [[Obito]], [[Setsuna Uchiha|Setsuna]], [[Shisui]], [[Tekka]], [[Yakumi]], [[Yashiro]]
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]][[File:Uchiha Symbol.svg|20px]] [[File:Military Police Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Izumo Kamizuki]]
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Kotetsu Hagane]]
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Tonbo Tobitake]]
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Shimon Hijiri]]
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Iwashi Tatami]]
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Mozuku]]
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Tokuma]], [[Hoheto]], [[Hiashi]], [[Hizashi]], [[Hyūga Elder]]
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Muta Aburame]], [[Torune]], [[Shibi]],
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]][[File:Aburame Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Second Mizukage|Captain Awesome]]
|[[File:Kirigakure Symbol.svg|20px]] [[File:Hōzuki Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Third Raikage|Captain Badass]]
|[[File:Kumogakure Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Chōza]], [[Torifu]]
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]] [[File:Akimichi Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Shikaku]], [[Ensui]]
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]] [[File:Nara Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Inoichi]], [[Fū (ANBU)]], [[Santa]]
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Shizune]]
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Konan]]
|[[File:Amegakure Symbol.svg|20px]] [[File:Akatsuki Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Kurenai Yūhi]], [[Asuma Sarutobi]]
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]] [[File:Sarutobi Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Tsume]], [[Three Haimaru Brothers]], [[Kuromaru]], [[Akamaru]]
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]] [[File:Inuzuka Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Raidō Namiashi]]
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Genma Shiranui]]
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Chōjūro]]
|[[File:Kirigakure Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Akatsuchi]]
|[[File:Iwagakure Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Darui]]
|[[File:Kumogakure Symbol.svg|20px]]
|[[File:Kumogakure Symbol.svg|20px]]
! The [[Gold and Silver Brothers]]
|[[File:Kumogakure Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Dan Katō]]
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Gamabunta]], [[Gamaken]], [[Gamahiro]]
| [[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]] [[File:Toad Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Zetsu]]
|[[File:Akatsuki Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Homura Mitokado]]
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]]
! [[Koharu Utatane]]
|[[File:Konohagakure Symbol.svg|20px]]
===Arcs and/or Episodes===
== [ Global ] ==
:''Note: This is a copy of my global user page that I use on many other Wikia wikis.''
* [[Sasuke and Sakura: Friends or Foes?]]
* [[Kakashi: Sharingan Warrior!]]
* [[The Sharingan Revived: Dragon-Flame Jutsu!]]
* [[Search for Tsunade arc|Return of Itachi arc]]
* [[Gotta See! Gotta Know! Kakashi-Sensei's True Face!]]
* [[Sasuke Retrieval arc|Naruto vs Sasuke]]
* [[Wind Release: Rasengan]]
* [[Menacing Ball]]
* [[Flying Thunder God Technique]]
* [[Yellow Flash (jutsu)]]
* [[Space–Time Migration]]
* [[Izanagi]]
* [[Supreme Ultimate Rasengan]]
==Helpful Things==
===Searching the Wiki===
<hr />
===Helpful Links===
*[[Narutopedia:Image policy]]
*[[Narutopedia:Signature policy]]
*[[Narutopedia:Quotes policy]]
*[[Narutopedia:Naming policy]]
*[[Narutopedia:Manual of Style]]
===Not sure where to start?===
* Check out the '''[[Wikia:Help:Tutorial 1|tutorial]]''' page, then lend us a hand with these;
* Check out our [[:Category:Stubs|articles in need of help]]!
* Check out our [[Special:BrokenRedirects|broken redirects]]!
* Check out our [[Special:DoubleRedirects|double redirects]]!
* Check out our [[Special:AncientPages|old articles]]!
* Check out our [[Special:UncategorizedCategories|uncategorized categories]]!
* Check out our [[Special:UncategorizedFiles|uncategorized files]]!
* Check out our [[Special:UncategorizedPages|uncategorized articles]]!
* Check out our [[Special:UncategorizedTemplates|uncategorized templates]]!
* Check out our [[Special:UnusedCategories|unused categories]]!
* Check out our [[Special:UnusedFiles|unused files]]!
* Check out our [[Special:UnusedTemplates|unused templates]]!
* Check out our [[:Category:Candidates for Deletion|articles marked for deletion]]!
=== Want help with Signatures? ===
Check out [ my blog].
=== Creating articles===
If you want to create any articles, use one of [[Special:Forms|these forms]].
===My Pages===
[[User:UltimateSupreme/DuplicateImages]] - Lists Duplicate Images on the wiki
[[User:UltimateSupreme/My Images]] - My images
[[User:UltimateSupreme/Templates]] - Various templates for my personal use
[[User:UltimateSupreme/Theories]] - My theories

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[ Global ]

Note: This is a copy of my global user page that I use on many other Wikia wikis.

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"The simple inherit folly, but the prudent are crowned with knowledge."UltimateSupreme [more...]My status
About Me

Hey, I'm UltimateSupreme. I began editing on Wikia in January of 2012. A few of my hobbies include computer programming, hiking, watching anime, reading manga, football and playing video games. You can find me around Wikia doing various things here and there, as detailed below. If you have any questions, talk to me on my talk page.

>>> The story behind the username >>>
My Username is actually based of Supreme Ultimate, more specifically the Supreme Ultimate Rasengan. And like the Supreme Ultimate, I come on soft on other users and down hard on vandals, all to give this wiki ultimate potential and greatness.
>>> Anime List >>>
Here's a short list of some of my favorite anime that I often recommend to other people. If you're looking for anime wikis, check out the Animanga Hub here on Wikia.

Sword Art Online
Fairy Tail
Code Geass
Fate/stay night
Legend of the Legendary Heroes
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
High School DxD
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate
Shakugan no Shana
Guilty Crown
To Aru Majutsu no Index
Rosario + Vampire

Naruto Uzumaki
Home Wiki — Narutopedia

My home wiki is the Narutopedia. My favourite charater is Minato Namikaze. If you're just starting out here, you might want to read over all our Rules. Feel free to contact an Administrator for any help.

>>> Me, On Narutopedia >>>
  • If you need to clean up links on a thousand pages, set up a category structure, or figure out how to code a time-saving template, I'm your guy with my pet.
  • I generally try to assume that you're making good faith edits, so I'm pretty slow to block people. However, be forewarned that I take policies very seriously.
  • Very occasionaly, I do throw out very tiny blocks, of usually 5 minutes to an hour to give you time to read your talkpage.
  • I really hate fillers, they add virtually no point in the main storyline, and sometimes even create plot-holes. The anime directors are just inventing new characters and stories that do not fit in with the manga.
  • I think that the intense guidelines of the image uploading is quite tedious. If someone uploaded the pictures without putting a proper license, then shouldn't another person put it right, rather than mark it for deletion?
Amazing Naruto Facts

As greatest fans of Naruto we strive to acquire as much information about Naruto as we can, but there are some interesting facts we generally overlook. These are the Real-life facts about Naruto.

>>> A few of them >>>
  • Naruto is one of the best selling manga of all time having sold more than 113 million copies in Japan.
  • In TV Asahi's latest top 100 Anime Ranking from October 2006, Naruto ranked 17th on the list.
  • Naruto: Shippūden has ranked several times as one of most watched series in Japan.
  • The Naruto anime adaptation won the "Best Full-Length Animation Programme Award" in the Third UStv Awards held in the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines.
  • The Naruto anime was listed as the 38th best animated show in IGN's Top 100 Animated Series.
Community Central

I'm a regular editor at Community Central and help regularly in the Community Central forums, answering questions about wiki markup, Wikia features, templates, CSS, JavaScript, etc., as I have time available. If you're looking for help, feel free to stop by the forums!

Wikia Developer's Wiki

I have authored or contributed to a number of scripts on the Wikia Developer's Wiki that are widely used by various Wikia wikis and Wikians, here's a few of my favorites:

>>> A few scripts I've written >>>
  • AdvancedOasisUI — Adds various links and buttons to Oasis' UI.
  • AnswersAskAutocomplete — Adds the autocomplete feature to the Ask box in answers wikis.
  • ExternalImageLoader — Enables users to embed external images on wiki pages without having to upload it on their wiki.
  • SkinSwitchButton — Adds a button for switching from Oasis to monobook, mobile and vice versa.
  • TabKeyInserter — Enables usage of <tab> key on code pages (.js/.css)
Other Wikis

Although the amount of wikis I contribute is very limited, I am generally asked for help on several wikis. While helping them out, I sometimes develop an interest in the subject and start contributing to those.

>>> A few wikis I edit >>>

My Links: Global Userpage, Signature, global.js, global.css

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