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My Name is Rex Tran also known as Narutard to many People that I know and some places online, I might be one of the most biggest Naruto Lovers you ever meet but don't think I am the Biggest Fan you'll ever see.

I am a 13 Year Old Narutard just going through life; Reading Naruto, Watching Naruto, Studying Naruto, going through School, Playing Yu-Gi-Oh, and exploring on my Laptop

Name: Rex "Narutard" Tran

Birthday: 8 - 28 -1998 (Same as Raidō Namiashi)

Favorite Character: Itachi Uchiha

Favorite Male Character (Other Than Itachi): Sasuke Uchiha

Favorite Female Character: Karin

Favorite Ninjutsu: Kirin

Favorite Taijutsu: Lion Combo

Favorite Genjutsu: Tsukuyomi

Favorite Weapon: Sword of Kusanagi (Sasuke Uchiha)

Favorite Summon: Nine-Tailed Demon Fox

Current Naruto Status: Admin of Akatsuki Page on Facebook, Admin of Naruto RPG Page on Facebook, Moderate Quiz Answerer on Naruto Anime Crew on Facebook, Daily Naruto Question Giver on Akatsuki Page on Facebook, To be continued...

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