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== Images ==
== Images ==
[[File:Shee's_medical_jutsu.jpg|thumb|left]][[File:Placeholder|right|300px]] [[File:Hiashi_at_war.png|thumb|left|Hiashi activating his Byakugan]][[File:Sasuke's_Tsukuyomi_2.jpg|thumb|Sasuke using Tsukuyomi on Killer B]]
[[File:Naruto kyuubi power.png|thumb|left]] [[File:Sasuke's_tsukuyomi.jpg|thumb|Sasuke using Tsukuyomi to trick Danzo ]]
[[File:Tayuya's 1st stage of curse mark.jpg|thumb|Tayuya's 1st Cursed Seal State]]

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Hi, I'm Tuxedo12 and welcome to my account.Through this fansite I hope to make and a large contribution to this Naruto fansite. I also hope to do my best to update this site. If you have any questions please just leave me a message. Out of all the wikis i've been apart of this one has got to be my favorite out of all of them.


I added some new information about Itachi's appearance in regards to his Akatsuki ring color and his color nail polish. April 10, 2011

I have just added a image of Naruto part 2's shadow clone jutsu. May 1, 2011

Added 2 new pics one of Third Tsuchikage floating and the other Shee using medical jutsu July 23, 2011

== Images ==
File:Shee's medical jutsu.jpg
Hiashi at war

Hiashi activating his Byakugan

File:Sasuke's Tsukuyomi 2.jpg
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