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This is the Spoiler Policy of Narutopedia.

NOTE: This is not done. Do not adopt into main policy lists.

What is a "Spoiler"

See Spoiler on Wikipedia. The first paragraph from the article;

Spoiler is Genex slang for any element of any summary or description of any piece of fiction that reveals any plot element which will give away the outcome of a dramatic episode within the work of fiction, or the conclusion of the entire work. Because enjoyment of fiction sometimes depends upon the dramatic tension and suspense which arising within it, the external revelation of such plot elements can "spoil" the enjoyment that some consumers of the narrative would otherwise have experienced.

Manga Spoiler Release Dates

Due to the dubious nature of scanlation and fansubbed works, Narutopedia, despite when the chapter/volume is released in Japan, the wiki recongizes the chapters release date as THURSDAY.

This is done for two reasons.

    1. Various websites have accesses to chapters before they are publicly released and the information they provide is either incomplete or fake.
    2. Following the standard free release dates of various official websites such as Crunchyroll and Viz Media, these websites typically wait a full week before releaseing new episodes or chapters to none premium members. Because Narutopedia is a free edit wiki, waiting a few days from when the chapters are released online is acceptable.

Anime Spoiler Release Dates

Official episodes of Naruto Shippūden are released on Crunchyroll on Thursday morning at 3:00AM Pacific Time. Therefore, information from those episodes can be added as soon as the episode is officially released.

Reasons for the above and the discrepancy with the manga spoilers:

    1. The episodes are released officially as opposed to fansubbing. Once they are officially online, they are free to be posted.

What happens if you see a Spoiler

If any spoilers are added to any article before Friday, those edits can be removed on sight. Adding comments the articles Talk Page based on spoilers can also be removed on sight. Consequences for adding spoilers before Friday will first be a one day blocking and a warning, then a three day blocking with another warning, then finally a week blocking.

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