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Battle against the Ten-Tails

Location: Land of Lightning and Kamui's dimension
Akatsuki: Obito Uchiha, the reincarnated Madara Uchiha, the Ten-Tails, Black Zetsu (later)
Allied Shinobi Forces: All avaliable divisions of the Allied Forces, the four reincarnated Hokage (later), the five Kage (later)
Independent: Orochimaru (later), Taka (later), the seven tailed beasts (later)
Manga: Chapter #610 onwards
Outcome: Ongoing. Allied Shinobi Forces' Headquarters destroyed. Shikaku Nara, Inoichi Yamanaka, Ao, Mabui, Neji Hyūga and hundreds of shinobi killed. Obito becomes the host of Ten-Tails. The seven tailed beasts are released from Obito. Obito resurrects Madara by force.

Despite Obito's desire to start the plan, Madara instead decided to remove the Allied Shinobi threat first. With their chakra replenished by Kurama, they attempt to attack the Ten-Tails with a point blank Tailed Beast Ball, but was easily countered. Before the Uchiha could wipe out their resistance, a timely Mind Body Switch Technique from Ino Yamanaka diverted the attack, just before all available Allied Force divisions arrived to battle the Ten-Tails. Using a plan directed by Shikaku Nara, the Allied Forces attempt to blind and restrain the Ten-Tails and its controllers. The plan was initially successful, impressing the Uchiha with their teamwork, but dismissed it as meaningless as the Ten-Tails reached its second form. After firing several Tailed Beast Balls randomly, as if to gauge range, Obito took aim and fired at the Allied Forces HQ, killing everyone inside and wiping out their intelligence. Before the attack hit however, Shikaku relayed his last plan to is son, Shikamaru, in which Naruto was instrumental.

Growing impatient with their efforts, Obito attempts to break the Allied Forces spirits with a barrage of wooden stakes, killing hundreds of shinobi, including Neji Hyūga. When Obito failed to break Naruto's spirit, thanks to the aid of Hinata and Kurama, he recklessly charged a Tailed Beast Ball in front of the Allied Forces, only to have it stuffed back down the Ten-Tails' throat and detonated by Killer B, temporarily disabling the Ten-Tails. With the Ten-Tails out of commission, Naruto starts transferring his chakra to the rest of the army and went on the offensive, culminating in Naruto and Rock Lee cutting Obito and Madara off from the Ten-Tails allowing the beast to run wild. Free of restraint, the Ten-Tails prepares for an attack, to which Kakashi attempted to warp it away while it was idle. He however was intercepted by Obito who warped them both to the other dimension just as the Ten-Tails devastated the battlefield with Tenpechii. Despite the destruction, Naruto was able to protect everyone with his chakra cloak. The Ten-Tails, noticing a resemblence between him and the Sage of the Six Paths, prepares another massive attack. Despite Shikamaru's best efforts, their attempts to divert the attack was futile until the arrival of the reincarnated Fourth Hokage warped the attack in the middle of the ocean. As the three other reincarnated Hokage and Taka enter the battlefield, they focus on the primary problem; the Ten-Tails, trapping it within barrier and then further restrained it with Hashirama's Sage Art: Gate of the Great God. With the beast restrained, it created an army of miniature clones to defend itself from the advancing army as Hashirama turned his focus to Madara. When they closed the distance to the beast, Sai, who had attempted an aireal attack and failed, figured

After warping into the other dimension, Obito and Kakashi continue their fight first via genjutsu then later hand to hand. After realising that his former friend was beyond reason, Kakashi pierces Obito with a chakra cloaked kunai, critically wounding him. Not willing to accept defeat, Obito warpped himself

As the Alliance fought their way through the clones, they discovered that the Ten-Tails is nearing its final transformation and its protectors were getting stronger the closer they got to it. When an aerial attack failed, Sai concluded that they would need to eliminate the larger protectors first, but they had no way to close that distance quickly and if they did they would have no way to heal as the medical team would not be able to reach the front line. On hearing this, Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura decided to summon a snake, toad and slug respectively to deal with each issue accordingly. As Sasuke and Aoda slithered through the Ten-Tails' defences, Naruto and Gamakichi jumped high into the air to land in position. Meanwhile Sakura had Katsuyu split and attach to the remaining members of the Alliance to heal them at once. When Sasuke got into position, he aimed a flaming arrow at the Ten-Tails as Naruto threw a giant Rasenshuriken, combining the two techniques and damaging the Ten-Tails until it simply removed the burning appendage.

Kakashi and Obito continue their battle in the Kamui dimension, first through genjutsu and then physical combat. Resolving to protect Naruto and the will of Obito's past self, he pierces Obito with a chakra coated kunai, wounding him heavily. Having lost the battle, but not the war, Obito warps himself back to the physical world where Madara takes note of his wounded state. Viewing him as expendable, Madara prepares his own ressurection by activating the black rods in Obito's body to force him to use the Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique. Despite the efforts of the First, Second, and Fourth Hokage and Sasuke, Obito managed to resist Madara's control, foiling his attempts at revival and making himself the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki. Taking advantage of their conditions, the First, Second and Third Hokage attack Obito in an attempt to assess an analyse his new abilities. Madara growing impatient challenges Hashirama's as Obito begins to gain ground against the others. It quickly became apparent that Obito was having difficulties controlling the Ten-Tails as he attempted to destroy parts of his own body. Before Naruto, Sasuke and Minato could capitalise on this however Obito gained full control of his new power, attacking a sphere of chakra to Minato's shoulder and detonating it when he was close to Naruto and Sasuke. A clone of Tobirama grabs the orb and destroys himself in an attempt to kill Obito. Elsewhere on the battlefield, deciding that the time of waiting is over, Madara battles Hashirama in an epic clash with the Allied Shinobi Forces in awe before Shikamaru uses Ino to contact their allies to not lose focus for a second.

By that time, having used the substance to avoid being consumed in the explosion, an unscathed Obito deflects an impulsive Sasuke's Amaterasu before Naruto aids his friend so the two could make an opening for Minato and Tobirama. With the Second and Fourth Hokage preparing for collaborated Space-Time Ninjutsu before Tobirama appears behind Obito, Sasuke and Naruto rush forth with a Kagutsuchi-infused Rasenshuriken. Expecting to be attacked by the Second Hokage, Obito learns he fell for a trap as Minato suddenly has the Rasenshuriken and takes Tobirama's place to attack Obito from behind. However, this strategy also proved to be useless against the newest jinchūriki who uses the black orbs to get rid of the flames. In a last-ditch effort to help before disappearing, Gamakichi fires of a natural energy infused Starch Syrup Gun, which was again blocked by Obito. Noticing that the technique was only blocked and not annihilated like the others, Naruto enters Sage Mode, and with help from Tobirama, lands a senjutsu-enhanced Rasengan on Obito. Wishing to end the battle quickly in order to act out the Eye of Moon plan, Obito then creates a giant tree which begins to charge up four large Tailed Beast Balls, while trapping all his enemies within a barrier. However, Naruto came up with a plan that would link Kurama's Yin and Yang halves, strengthening the chakra shroud around the shinobi army, and by linking his chakra with Minato's, allow the Fourth to use the Flying Thunder God on everyone touched by Naruto's chakra, warping them out of the barrier to safety. With the rest of the army out of harms way, Naruto, powered by senjutsu and Kurama's chakra, and Minato returned to the offensive and attempted to attack Obito, though this attempt ultimately failed to do any real damage. Choosing to move ahead with his plan, Obito transforms into the Ten-Tails' final form, a giant tree capable of absorbing chakra from anyone it touches. Having killed many shinobi for their chakra, Obito prepared to have the bud at the top bloom to initiate the plan, though Madara notes this will take at least fifteen minutes without the Eight and Nine-Tails' chakra. While Hashirama, with assistance from Ino, attempts to convince the Allied Shinobi Forces to not give up, Sasuke does the same for Naruto by attacking the Shinju. With his resolve restored, Naruto and Sasuke attack Obito. Soon after, the five Kage arrive to the battlefield and take direct command of their respective villagers. With the aid of members of the Konoha 11, Naruto and Sasuke broke through Obito's defenses, slicing through him before he could use Sword of Nunoboko to initiate his plan. The blow forced the chakra of the sealed tailed beast to react to Naruto, ripping them from Obito's body. Naruto with with the help of the Alliance took hold of the chakra to seperate them from Obito, with Gaara and B taking Shukaku and Gyūki's chakra respectively. After a short mental discussion between Naruto and Obito, the Allied Shinobi successfully stripped Obito of the tailed beasts. With Obito defeated and at Minato's urging, the rest of the shinobi forces moved to the next priority: sealing Madara Uchiha.

The combined efforts of Naruto and Hashirama successfully pinned Madara down, with the Alliance moving forward to seal him. Before they could get the chance, Black Zetsu grabbed the paralysed Obito and forced him to resurrect Madara.

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