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Fun fact for those not in the know: If I tell you to go ahead and insult me in my Talk Page, I'm goading you into acting in a way that will get you a temporary ban. This disclaimer is here to provide everyone a fair warning as to not act in a way that will get you banned. Later Days.

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Jũbusōjiken (柔歩双獅拳, Gentle Step Twin Lion Fist) (First thing I translated on my own. Pulled straight outta my butt and online translators.)

Chibaku Tensei (地爆天星, Surface Burst Heavenly Star.) (Second thing I translated the same way.)

User:TheUltimate3/Media Archive (Archive of the Naruto media page on Wikipedia.)

User:TheUltimate3/Madara's Abilities (Archive of Madara Uchiha's ability section in preparation for trimming.)

User:TheUltimate3/Wall (Snapper2's wall. Because I find it hilarious.)

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