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August 18, 2007
Whoever wields this banhammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of TheUltimate3
Please do not request an audience with me in the Narutopedia Chat Room.
I am of course avaliable through TalK Page. All are welcome there.
I'm too old to want glory. At my age, you worry more about what might be said about you after you're gone. I'd like to be recalled as an admin who left the wikia a little tidier and quieter than when he came.
-TheUltimate3 <Grand Admiral of the Narutopedia Fleet>

Translations I've done myself

Jũbusōjiken (柔歩双獅拳, Gentle Step Twin Lion Fist) (First thing I translated on my own. Pulled straight outta my butt and online translators.)

Chibaku Tensei (地爆天星, Surface Burst Heavenly Star.) (Second thing I translated the same way.)

User Pages

User Pages (A single location for the various user pages I've made over the years.)

User Boxes


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