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Hi. I am "TheGrudge", but I would prefere to change that name to "Kenzen". You can call me "Kenzen". I joined this wiki after seening how I wanted to correct minor mistakes I noticed while reading through the pages. As time passed I started making improvements, but I cannot say I always do things right. One of the things I am interested in improving are game pages and pages for game-exclusive characters and places. I know a lot about those because I am fond of video games. So, anyway, I still don't know everything about this wiki but if you want you can ask me about something or just talk to me on my Talk Page.


I like to play video games on my consols, watch horror films and anime on my computer and sometimes read manga. I don't read the Naruto manga but I get what's happening thanks to this wiki. What I hate is best left unsaid.

I can say I love cats, but it is actually much deeper than you can imagine. I won't go into detail.


I am in my late teens, a fairly tall and somewhat lanky person. I have straight, almost shoulder-legth brown hair in a similar style to that of Szayel Aporro Granz from Bleach, with bangs to the opposite side and green eyes.

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