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Well, nothing much to be said apart from the fact that I've been following Naruto since 2001 (since the time it was a manga) and also that I got into Wikia only because of the Narutopedia. Though I joined Wikia at an earlier date, I started editing here only since March 2013, so you can say that I have experience from editing other wikis.



Kekkei Genkai



Other Cool Stuff

Naruto Shippūden: Dreamers Fight

Here's a little something that I came across on YouTube, which I thought was really cool! The following video features a fight between Naruto Uzumaki and Rock Lee portrayed by real life people.
This is how the description goes:
The story takes place after the Pain saga, with Naruto becoming the acknowledged village hero he's always sought out to be. Seeing Naruto grow steps closer to his dream, Rock Lee decides he, too, must continue to grow and push his training even harder. Feeling unfulfilled in his regimen, Lee decides to challenge Naruto to a no-holds-barred duel in hopes to re-ignite his passion to become the best ninja he can be. Naruto accepts the challenge from his close friend, and with this, the fight is set! Will Naruto's constant growth and Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit overwhelm the hardworking, hand-to-hand fighter, or will Lee, again, push his body to the limits to become the more powerful opponent? Thousand Pounds Action Company brings you "Naruto Shippūden: Dreamers Fight"!
Well, enjoy the video!

Naruto Shippuden Dreamers Fight -- Complete Film (Part 1&2)19:51

Naruto Shippuden Dreamers Fight -- Complete Film (Part 1&2)

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