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Policy not in effect: Cleanup and discussion needed

The Logical Conclusions ruleis an official policy which applies to all members of Narutopedia. This policy states that, if a logical conclusion about a subject can be reached by evidence given in the series, then that information may be added to the article in question.


Scorch Release = Fire + Wind

In Chapter 634, Naruto and Sasuke preform a technique, which is dubbed "Scorch Release", which is composed of both fire and wind elements. The logical conclusion, then, based on evidence from the series is that, seeing as a technique composed of fire and wind was dubbed Scorch Release by a reliable source, it can then be reasonably concluded that Scorch Release is composed of fire and wind elements.

Intent of the policy

The intent of this rule is not to promote the addition of crack theories into the articles of the site, but rather to prevent days, weeks, months, and, in rarer cases, years of deadlock between the users of this site, when adding information to the articles. If a Template:W can be made, with evidence from the series itself, then that logical conclusion should be favored over inaction.

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