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(Eh. Not really a fan of this old profile I wrote up anymore. Just clearing it out for now. If I feel like replacing it with something else, I'll write something new.)
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'''Teamrocketspy621''': Nintendo gamer, Naruto fanatic, logical theorist, Wiki editor; at your editing service.
My pride and joy? The entire [[Bando]] article. Almost all of the research on the possible etymology of his name was done by me, as it was for the other original characters from ''[[Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2|Clash of Ninja Revolution 2]]'' - and yet, the most plausible source for his name is the one that I missed. Go figure. Bando's my favorite of the four original characters from ''Revolution 2'', but also, much to my chagrin, has the least direct etymology, with a name that doesn't seem to mean one specific thing, whereas [[Towa]], [[Komachi]], and [[Kagura]]'s names all have very obvious meanings. If anyone gets another lead on Bando's name, tell me.
Leave me a message on my talk page if you gotta let me know something. :P
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